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How Moms Can Celebrate Their First Mother’s Day With Newborns

How Moms Can Celebrate Their First Mother’s Day With Newborns

How Moms Can Celebrate Their First Mother’s Day With Newborns

Getting to that first mother’s day since becoming a mom is not easy. Your baby has probably already hit so many milestones that you are immensely proud of. However, Mother’s day is all about your milestones and how far you’ve come since you brought that little angel into the world.

This is why you’ll probably never forget your first mother’s day. So, how can you make it even more special? Well, here are a few ideas: 

1. Take It Easy

Start slow with a nice cup of tea or coffee in bed. Have your partner take over all baby duties that morning so you can sleep in a little. Buy yourself something nice to commemorate your new role. And don’t do any chores! 

2. Take Lots Of Photos

You want to document the day in photos as much as you can. Take some digital photos and have them printed out so you can have them around the house. And take lots of selfies with your phone and you go about your day as well!

3. Buy Baby New Clothes

Your little one made you a mom! Celebrate that by getting them adorable new outfits. This could be anything: from cute dresses to bottoms to cute little shoes and accessories. These will be their special mother’s day clothes that will always remind you of what an amazing mom you are every time you look at them. 

4. Eat What You Want

What do you want to eat today? Do you want to dine out or eat at home? Want something fancy? Whatever you choose, that’s what you get. No cooking or washing dishes for you, though! It’s your day, after all!

5. Make It A Day To Do Whatever You Like

Do you want to spend some time with your family? Or perhaps go for a walk around the neighborhood? How about a nap in the afternoon? Whatever you want, let everyone know how you want to be celebrated and do exactly that. 

6. Get Some Flowers

Treat yourself to your favorite flowers. Get carnations, lilies, orchids, or poppies. Whatever your choice ends up being, it is a great way to add some fragrance and color to your home.

7. Do Some Crafts

Take the time to do some crafts with your baby. If your baby is curious, they can scribble a bit or make some paint splatters. If not, you can use their hand or footprint, or a cute photo of them. Just get creative and make something interesting that will always remind you of the day. 

8. Make A Book Of First Milestones

Remember your little one’s first laugh? What about their first bath? Or their first photo? Collect all those precious moments and make a book out of them. There are lots of apps like Chatbooks that will let you do this.

9. Journal

Start a journal about your baby’s milestones. What are some small moments and memories you’d like to remember? Get a notebook or a decorative journal and write your heart out. You’ll share these memories with your little ones as they grow older. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. With this list of ideas, doing something special for yourself on mothers day should not be hard. While at it, why not get something adorable for your little one as well? They made you a mom, after all! Happy mother’s day! 

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