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How To Celebrate Your Child's Birthday When It's During The Holidays

How To Celebrate Your Child's Birthday When It's During The Holidays

How To Celebrate Your Child's Birthday When It's During The Holidays

The holidays are typically a busy time for everyone. From having family over, wrapping presents, traveling out of town, cooking, and decorating, it seems like you never run out of things to do during this time. Having a birthday party for your child during this time seems like an impossible thing to pull off, and in many cases, birthdays that fall during the holidays tend to get lost in the shuffle. Here is how you can celebrate your little one on their special day during the holidays.

  • Timing Is Key

Consider scheduling your kid’s birthday party a week after or a week before their actual birthday. This is especially effective if your little one’s birthday is on the same date as a specific holiday. For example, if your child’s birthday falls on Christmas, you might want to celebrate it at least one week ahead. 

  • Give Notice To Family And Friends In Good Time

If you intend to invite family and friends to your child’s party, make sure that you give them as much notice as possible. At any other time of the year 1-2 weeks’ notice should work, but during the holidays, give them a heads up even earlier. This will give them the time to fit your child’s birthday into their schedule.

  • Avoid Using Holiday Wrapping Paper

You may have already bought your holiday wrapping paper in bulk, and while it might be tempting to use it to wrap your kid’s birthday presents in it, refrain from doing so. That way, you can help distinguish their birthday from the holiday.

  • Holiday-Themed Gifts May Not Be Ideal

Themed gift options such as toys understandably become available during the holidays. As much as it is might seem like a good idea to give your child Christmas-themed pajamas on their special day, opt to go for something that they won’t have to put away once the holidays are over.

  • Get Your Child Gifts That Are Seasonal-Appropriate

Considering the last recommendation, you want to stick to gifts that your child will find useful in the moment. For instance, if their birthday is in December, avoid getting them a blow-up swimming pool as they will have to wait until summer to use it. While it is important to distinguish the holiday from their special day, you still want to give them a gift that they won’t have to wait to enjoy.

  • Dedicate A Whole Day To Them

You don’t always have to throw an elaborate birthday party for your child. Making the day all about them, even if only the immediate family is involved, is often enough. Take your child out, allow them to pick a fun place that they would like to visit, let them pick a restaurant where you will eat, and even allow them to pick out a gift. This is an option that doesn’t require a lot of planning but will make your little one feel special even during a crowded holiday.

Final Thoughts

Having a birthday during the holidays doesn’t have to be a dreadful thing. By avoiding some common mistakes that will have them feeling like an afterthought and celebrating their special day fittingly, you can make sure that your child has a birthday that they will remember for years to come.

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