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Tips to help you celebrate your baby’s first thanksgiving

Tips To Help You Celebrate Your Baby’s First Thanksgiving

Tips To Help You Celebrate Your Baby’s First Thanksgiving

Tips to help you celebrate your baby’s first thanksgiving

There is a lot to be grateful for on your little one’s first Thanksgiving. You have accomplished quite a lot in such a short time, and you have done a tremendous job taking care of your little turkey to this point. 

It, therefore, goes without saying that your baby’s first Thanksgiving is a big deal. Here are a few things you can do to ensure that they are the sweetest thing at the table: 

1. Remember that you know your baby best

Thanksgiving is one of those times in the year when relatives will want to give you lots of unsolicited advice on what to do when it comes to raising your little one. Remember, you are the mom and you have made it this far without their help. You are doing just fine! 

Work with your partner to set clear boundaries and figure out how to handle all the unsolicited advice from family. Do it right and you probably won’t offend that many people!

2. Don’t focus on having the perfect thanksgiving

No thanksgiving is  “perfect”. Something always goes wrong, and it is often things that you cannot control. Do not get too stressed about your baby’s missed bedtime schedule or the late turkey that was meant to be dinner. Instead, focus on having some quality time with your little one. Be present and experience the moment with your little one. It’s the little things that you’ll remember 5 years down the line, not the dinner that ran late. 

3. Overpack

Traveling with your baby for thanksgiving can be rather unpredictable. That’s why you want to pack a little bit more than you think you’ll need. Bring lots of extra diapers, as well as wipes, bibs, and burp cloths. Do not forget to pack extra bottles, extra onesies, and extra blankets. Pacifiers will also save your sanity, so bring a bunch of them, too. 

If your baby is on formula, bring extra formula with you when you travel. The weather can be pretty unpredictable this time of year, so expect to run into delays. Hope for the best but plan for the worst. 

Be sure to take a lot of pictures even before you leave the house. If they are happy at home, you want to capture them smiling in that cute outfit before you head out. You never know what mood they will be in later in the day! 

4. Try to maintain their usual routine

While skipping naps sounds like a tempting idea, don’t do it. You will end up having an overstimulated, fussy baby on your hands that refused to go down, and then no one will have a good time. 

So, try to stick to your routine as you visit family. If you notice that your little angel is starting to get overstimulated, help them settle down for a nap. 

5. Dress your baby for thanksgiving

This is a no brainer. One of the joys of Thanksgiving is getting to dress them up in those cute little holiday outfits. 

You want your little angel to be wrapped in an extra cute ensemble for the big day. You can go for outfits with turkey designs, funny t-shirts with quotes that will make everyone laugh out loud, cute matching top and bottom pieces, or an adorable look featuring fall colors. 

Unisex “Happy Thanksgiving” onesies are always a hit. You can also choose to get a turkey beanie or fall colored socks. Do not forget about the right set of pajamas and a few matching Thanksgiving bibs, especially if they have started eating solids! 

Whatever you choose to go for, you can be sure that there will be lots of adorable photos from that day. 

Final Thoughts

Your baby’s first thanksgiving can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. You are still recovering from what has been a year of lots of physical and emotional challenges. 

With the tips outlined here, you should be able to have a wonderful time with your little one. You will be able to set boundaries that will allow you to make it through the holidays without being too exhausted. And above all, your little one will get to have fun and enjoy a great first Thanksgiving!

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