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What Is Outdoor Play And Why Is Tt Important For Your Child?

What Is Outdoor Play And Why Is Tt Important For Your Child?

What Is Outdoor Play And Why Is Tt Important For Your Child?

As the name suggests, outdoor play simply means playing outside. It means giving your child the opportunity to explore the natural environment, whether alone or in your presence, and enjoy the adventures that come with it. 

So why is outdoor play important? Why should you let your little one play outside more? This guide will cover everything you need to know about outdoor play and why it is important for your child. 

Why Should Kids Engage In Outdoor Play

Through outdoor play, your child will get to play a wide range of games, test their physical limits, build their self-confidence, and learn how to express themselves. 

Playing outside allows your child to enjoy the freedom that comes with having lots of space to play in. This means they can enjoy big movements such as running, jumping, throwing, and kicking. Such movements are good for your child’s physical development and fitness. 

Additionally, studies show that when your child spends more time outside, they have a lower risk of developing issues like short-sightedness. Plus, exposure to sunlight is essential in boosting their vitamin D levels. 

Being in a natural environment has also been shown to help children feel more relaxed and calm. This means outdoor play can help improve your child’s mental health and wellbeing. 

How To Get Your Child To Play Outside More

Since outdoor play has many benefits, you want your child to play outside as much as possible. But how exactly can you get them to do that? 

If you have an outdoor space at home, sometimes all you have to do is get your child to go outside and she will take care of the rest. Let her come up with her own games. Younger children will need to be supervised, so keep an eye out to ensure that they are entirely safe as they play. 

Outdoor play can also be incorporated into your regular outside tasks. Since young children love to help so much, you can involve your child in your everyday activities such as gardening, cleaning the driveway, watering your plants, or hanging clothes on the line. 

If you do not have a large outdoor space, there are still lots of options for outdoor play that you can explore. For example, take your little one to the local park or playground and let her run around and meet other children to play with. Who knows, you might even end up making new mom and dad friends in the process!

You can also take a simple walk with your child to get out of the house. This would also be the perfect opportunity to teach your child about road and pedestrian safety along the way. 

If your child has only just learned to walk, you can take them out of the stroller on your walks and let them practice for a little while. Walking together like this demonstrates that outdoor play is fun for everyone, laying the foundation for future outdoor adventures. 

You can also encourage your child to engage in other active outdoor activities such as riding bikes or scooters. As she grows older, you can sign her up for more structured play activities such as her favorite sport. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, it is a good idea to allow your child to play outside for several hours a day. There are many ways to encourage your child to engage in them as outlined above. Physical activities like balancing on walls, climbing trees, running around, or riding a bike will help build your child’s confidence, test their physical limits, and get them to learn how to express themselves. Plus, it’s just a lot of fun! 

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