Brand Ambassador

Thank you so much for joining our brand ambassador program! Please watch out for an email from Tree-Nation so you can plant the tree 🌱 we have gifted. :)

Now what is the next step? As a brand ambassador, you can get a personalized 20% off coupon code that you can share to anyone! When someone uses your code, you get a 20% commission.

1. Sign up here to set up your brand ambassador dashboard so you can track your sales.

    • Include the discount code that you want us to generate for you. Our ambassadors usually request for their little ones' names. Code example: "FRANK" or "FRANK20".
2. Wait for the approval within 1 day.

3. Set up your password.
4. Complete your Payout Setting. Take note that we pay commissions through PayPal.

5. Share your personalized code and/or link.
    • Your link will look like this
    • Instagram only allows you to share 1 website link. So if you represent other brands, or you have other links to share, use services like linktree to share multiple links.
6. Once you receive your items, share your photo here, as well as an honest review. We appreciate any feedback as it helps improve our small family business :)
    • Simply visit the link of the item/s you purchased, scroll down below, and click "Write a review"
    • Feel free to post your photos on social media and don't forget to tag us and use hashtag #jackandbo
    • We receive many brand reps' cute baby photos, but we do our best to schedule them on our social media as soon as possible, so no worries!
7. Email us at for any questions.

    Please remember that you have a lifetime discount that you can use every time you order from Jack & Bo. :) We are so happy that you partnered with us, and we're so excited to see your little one wearing Jack & Bo item/s! 


    Jack & Bo Team