Every mom wants to doll up their baby. 9 months of fantasizing about cute dresses and onesie and you simply can’t wait for the chance to actually dress them up! Unfortunately, finding something cute, comfortable, and affordable can be a hassle.

My name is Catherine and I understand the struggle. I wanted other moms, and yes that means you, to be able to find great quality clothes for your toddlers and babies at affordable prices. This is why I launched Jack & Bo.

My husband, Brandon and I are the owners of this wholesome business. We live in a beautiful small town of Hudson Valley, New York. I have a background in arts, photography and design while my husband is a software developer. Together, we make a great team! We love to travel with our son and create things that make life just a little bit easier and a whole lot cuter.

Aesthetics are incredibly important to me which is why our collection is not only budget friendly but also adorable and pretty to look at. Your baby deserves the best!

Every purchase has 30-day money back guarantee. You and your baby’s comfort and happiness are our top priority! Take a look at our collection.

And congrats on the new bundle of joy!