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2in1 Montessori Shelves Set: Bookshelf + Toy Shelf – Beige

$ 219.00
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Elevate your child's play and learning environment with our Montessori shelf set - an elegant combo of a bookshelf and toy shelf, thoughtfully designed by Goodevas. When you buy these two shelves together, you not only enrich your child's space but also enjoy savings. Please be informed that the set will be delivered in two separate packages.

Montessori Bookshelf

Encourage a genuine interest in reading by displaying books with their covers facing your child. This technique naturally draws attention, enticing your little one to explore the world of stories. To foster a sense of order and preference, showcase only the most cherished or relevant books on this shelf. This Goodevas bookshelf, designed for children aged 1 to 6 years old, stands out for its:

- Natural Appeal: Crafted from eco-friendly birch plywood, showcasing the intrinsic beauty of wood grain.

- Safety Features: Stability ensured to prevent tipping, all edges are rounded, and surfaces are splinter-free.

- Space Efficiency: Compact design, perfectly sized to accommodate a select collection of books.

- Durability: Moisture-resistant, easy to clean, and built to withstand the test of time.


  - Size: 28.3" x 25.6" x 17.7" (72*65*45 cm)

  - Weight: 26.5 lb (12 kg)

Montessori Toy Shelf

Transform playtime chaos into organized joy with our Montessori toy shelf. It's more than just a storage solution; it's a tool for fostering independence and teaching orderliness. Key features include:

- Child-friendly Design: Low shelf height, allowing kids to independently access and return toys.

- Organizational Skills: Dedicated spots for each toy facilitate order and a sense of responsibility.

- Selective Display: By limiting the number of toys on the shelf, it aids in easier selection, ensuring sustained interest and careful upkeep.

- Safety Features: No sharp edges or corners, ensuring every surface is smooth and splinter-free.


  - Size: 28.3" x 25.6" x 17.7" (72*65*45 cm)

  - Weight: 26.5 lb (12 kg)

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