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5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect First Shoe For Your Baby

5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect First Shoe For Your Baby

5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect First Shoe For Your Baby

Finding the perfect shoes for your baby is really important. There are several important factors that need to be considered when shopping for your baby’s shoes.  The best shoes for your baby should be affordable, warm, have enough traction, should have sizing options, should be easy to get on and off, and most importantly, they should be comfortable. 

Buying footwear for your toddler, however, may not a walk in the park. Most of the time you’ll be struggling with your baby who’ll be trying to wiggle out of your lap or having a tantrum, kicking and screaming. Even if you manage to get them to put the shoes on, you’ll still have to determine whether or not the shoes are a perfect fit. To make matters worse, babies can’t speak and it may take a while before you realize that the shoes are uncomfortable. 

Getting the best shoes, especially for a baby who is learning to walk is important since they’ll play a crucial role in helping them maintain their balance, enabling them to develop the skill in a shorter period. The following article contains tips that will help you get the perfect first shoe for your baby.  

     1. Comfort

Comfort is the most important factor that should be considered when shopping for your baby’s shoes. Babies'’ feet tend to sweat a lot. For this reason, you should look for shoes made of breathable materials such as canvas or leather. Toddlers cannot break into shoes. Therefore, the shoes should be comfortable from the word go. To achieve this, you should ensure that the shoe fits your baby well in the store. Allow your child to walk around in the shoes while you look out for signs of discomfort such as limping and tripping. You should also look for any red marks on their feet after you take off the shoes.  

     2. Sizing

The size of the shoe is also an important factor to look at. When purchasing the first shoes, you should ensure that the shoes are long and wide enough. The shoes should also provide enough room for your baby’s feet to grow. This is because babies’ feet grow quickly and they will need a new pair after every 2-4 months. 

An easy way of determining whether or not a pair of shoes is the right fit for your baby is by inserting your pinkie into the heel and into the point where the shoe meets the ankle. Your finger should fit comfortably. Doing this also checks for stitching that could blister your baby’s feet. You should shoe’s tip with your child’s feet in. The best fit should have about half an inch of space between the tip and the big toe.  


The shoes should also have soles with traction especially if your floors are slippery. This will prevent your baby from slipping as they walk.

     4. Padding

The shoes should also have adequate padding. They should be padded around the ankles and at the back of the heels. The padding makes the shoes more comfortable and helps prevent excessive rubbing and the formation of blisters. 

     5. Ease of getting on and off 

As stated before, getting your baby to put on shoes can be quite a hustle. For this reason, you should get shoes that are easy to get on and off. Shoes with laces are complicated and will take time to put on. Instead, you should go for shoes with Velcro and zippers, which are a lot faster to put on. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. With the tips outlined here, you should be able to choose your little one’s first pair of shoes like a pro. Good luck! 

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