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7 Great Thanksgiving Traditions To Start With Your Kids

7 Great Thanksgiving Traditions To Start With Your Kids

7 Great Thanksgiving Traditions To Start With Your Kids

For many people, Thanksgiving is a bigger deal than Halloween or Christmas in a lot of ways. Not least of which is because it is one of the only times they get to celebrate with their families. Thanksgiving also gives you the perfect excuse to start a family tradition that could potentially last for generations. 

Here are a few great Thanksgiving tradition ideas that you can start with your kids and family to make this day even more special. 


Thanksgiving is all about being thankful for what you have and remembering those that do not have as much as you do. Consider involving your kids in some volunteer activities, such as: 

  • Serving meals at the local soup kitchen
  • Buying and donating canned goods to the local food bank
  • Creating hygiene kits filled with essential toiletries and grooming items for the homeless
  • Decorating plastic containers and filling them with toys and games then delivering them to a children’s hospital

    2. Going For A Walk Or Taking Part In The Local Turkey Trot

Going for a walk is a great way to get some exercise before that Thanksgiving feast. Sign up for your local turkey trot with the kids. It’s a great way to break a sweat and enjoy some fun company before the food. 

You can also choose to sit the run out and just sign up the kids for a kid’s fun run. Or, if no one is up to running, take a simple family walk after dinner. They are a great way for everyone to catch up and reconnect. Just remember to dress everyone in weather-appropriate clothing. 

3. Let Everyone Share What They Are Thankful For

This is an age-old tradition that embodies the spirit of what Thanksgiving day is really about: giving thanks for blessings. Encourage your kids to focus on the positive things happening in their lives. Go around the table and let everyone say what they are most grateful for over dinner. 

4. Have A Special Thanksgiving Breakfast

If your family will have gotten together at the start of the day, a great idea is to have a simple breakfast that will stave off hunger while also saving room for dinner. You can go for a Thanksgiving-themed breakfast by serving homemade pancakes, pumpkin scones, bagels, and Thanksgiving-themed pastries. 

5. Watch Something

Popular choices for what to watch on Thanksgiving are Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and Thanksgiving movies. If you choose to watch the parade, your kids will love the massive floats and entertaining performances. In fact, if you get up early enough, you can catch the parade and still have time for some great Thanksgiving movies in the afternoon such as Free Birds and A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. 

6. Give The Kids Something To Do

Kids love getting involved, especially on occasions as big as this. Make them feel special by giving them things to do. They can help set the table or bring in chairs from the garage as you prepare the food. Older kids can also help with food preparation. This is also a great way to show them just how much work goes into making the day special every year. 

7. Birthday Celebrations

This is yet another great Thanksgiving tradition idea. If you do not see everyone as often as you’d like, why not take the opportunity to celebrate all the birthdays you missed? Encourage everyone to sing happy birthday and have lots of cake. Everyone will get to feel special even if it is not their actual special day. 

Final Thoughts

Thanksgiving is one of those amazing times of the year where you get to spend time and connect with friends and family. With the Thanksgiving tradition ideas in this list, you’ll be able to take this special day to a whole other level!

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