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8 Easy Tips For Dressing Kids For Fall

8 Easy Tips For Dressing Kids For Fall

8 Easy Tips For Dressing Kids For Fall

Fall is all about getting those layers on! However, layering is an art; it is less about putting as many cardigans and jackets as you can on your poor little one and more about being smart about choosing the layers that they put on. 

Here Are A Few Tips To Help You Dress Your Kiddo For Fall Like A Pro: 

1. Pay Attention To The Weather Forecast

When it comes to dressing your kids, fall is a tricky season. Some days will be very warm while others will be almost as cold as early winter. 

For the first few weeks of fall, you may not need warm layers at all. As it starts to get chilly, start throwing on jackets, mitts, and other layers. Pay attention to your local weather forecast to ensure that you’ll always dress your kids in a weather-appropriate way.

2. Dress In Layers

Mix and match layers to adapt to weather changes. Add layers when your child is cold and take them off when it gets warm. 

Here Are Some Tips On How To Layer:

  • A base layer for moisture management

The layer immediately next to the skin should be moisture-wicking. Great fabric options include natural fibers like silk and merino wool or synthetics like nylon and polyester. 

  • A Middle Layer For Insulation

This layer retains your child’s body heat. Puffy insulated jackets and fleece jackets are great for this. How warm the middle layer should be will depend on the weather of the day. 

  • An Outer Layer For Rain And Wind Protection

This layer is meant to protect against wind, rain, and snow. Get a waterproof breathable outer layer as this will keep your little ones comfortable. As opposed to non-breathable ones like plastics that keep perspiration in, making your child feel wet from the inside. 

1. Go For Synthetics Or Wool Fabrics

Cotton is great for summer. However, for fall, wool or synthetics may be more suitable. These fabrics are better at drying quickly and moisture-wicking, ensuring that your little ones will always be comfortable whether they are running around or getting wet from the rain. 

2. Make Sure You Get The Right Size

It’s important that kids wear clothes that fit them properly if they want to truly enjoy their freedom. Ill-fitting clothes are not only uncomfortable but can also be dangerous. 

3. Don’t Shy Away From Being Thrifty

New clothes in fall can be rather pricey. An easy workaround for this is to go for hand-me-downs from siblings, family, and friends. There are also online resellers and consignment shops that will have some great deals on gently used clothes.

4. Find The Right Footwear

Toddlers likely won’t need boots. Sneakers should work fine. Just be sure to have a few extra socks in case of puddles. Older kids will, however, need a nice pair of boots for active excursions like hiking. 

5. Look For Cothes That Are Easy To Get On (And Take Off)

Dressing a child who is eager to go play outside is not easy. Therefore, you want to go for clothes that are easy to wear. Elastic hems, cuffs, and waists are great for this because you do not have to constantly adjust them but they still work great when it comes to keeping kids warm. 

6. Don’t Forget About Extremities

  • Face And Cheeks: a fitted fleece or wool balaclava will help keep their faces warm.  
  • Feet: Wool socks should be more than enough to keep your kids’ feet warm in the fall.
  • Hands: Gloves and mittens will keep their hands warm. Mittens keep hands warmer than gloves, so they are great closer to winter. In early fall, gloves are more than enough. 

Final Thoughts

With the holidays just around the corner, fall is a wonderful time of the year. It is also rather chilly, so you need to know how to dress your little ones appropriately. With the tips outlined here, this should be a breeze for you. 

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