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9 Unique Toddler-Friendly Christmas Decorating Tips

9 Unique Toddler-Friendly Christmas Decorating Tips

9 Unique Toddler-Friendly Christmas Decorating Tips

Having a toddler in the house means you probably won’t be bringing out your most precious and expensive Christmas decoration pieces this year. Yes, those family heirlooms that adorn the tree every year have to stay in the attic or they’ll get played with, chewed on, broken, or lost. 

Not All Is Lost, Though. Here Are 12 Unique Toddler-Friendly Christmas Decorating Tips. 

1. Find An “Alternative” Tree

Toddlers are super curious. They love Christmas trees and are drawn to them like moths to lights. If they can reach any part of the tree, it is difficult to stop them from grabbing or chewing those parts. 

An easy workaround for this is to go for a smaller tree that can be placed out of their reach. While not as magnificent as a larger tree, it is a lot safer for toddlers. 

If that’s out of the question, get a fake tree. Real trees shed a lot, and toddlers can easily pick up and swallow the shed needles. They are also massive fire hazards. Fake trees eliminate both these problems. Just be sure to go for one made entirely of non-toxic materials. 

2. Use Shatterproof Ornaments

Those dainty glass baubles may look nice, but they are huge hazards when you have kids. Plus, because they break so easily, you can count on your little one to destroy quite a few of them. The only solution here is to use shatterproof ornaments that won’t break even if thrown to the ground.

3. Put Your Christmas Tree In Another Room

Who says you have to set the tree up in the living room? If the room that your little one has the most access to is the living room, consider putting your tree elsewhere, for example in the kitchen or dining room. 

4. Use A Barrier To Prevent Your Little One From Getting At The Tree

Use a playpen, baby gate, or some other safety barrier to prevent your toddler from getting to the Christmas tree. Younger babies can be contained in playpens with a play mat and a few toys for a few hours. Older toddlers may need baby stairs and safety gates. 

5. Review Your Lights

The holidays are historically rife with fires due to things like candles and faulty lights. Turn off all your Christmas tree lights when you sleep. Also, check that all your fire alarms are working. If you have old Christmas lights, consider buying new ones.  

6. Make Sure Your Tree Is Secure

You can prevent your tree from being accidentally knocked over by making sure it has a strong, wide, sturdy base. To eliminate that risk completely, you can also anchor the tree to the wall or ceiling. 

7. Set Up A Toddler Tree

Help your toddler feel involved in the decoration process by giving them their own little tree to decorate as they like. You can do this with a felt tree that comes with felt ornaments, or by getting a mini version of your Christmas tree that they can decorate. 

8. Hang Ornaments With Ribbons

Instead of the metal hooks they come with, use ribbons to hang your ornaments. This will result in fewer injuries when your little one inevitably grab them or pull at them. 

9. Consider Decorating With Soft Items

A fun way to decorate without making your little one feel left out is by using things like stuffed animals and plastic toys. These are a great choice because your little one can grab them and play with them as much as they want!

Final Thoughts

With the tips outlined above, your Christmas decorations should be safe from your little one. Hopefully, you can go back to forgetting all about them until some time in February next year like everyone does. Happy holidays! 

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