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A Brief Buying Guide for Your Toddler’s Clothes

A Brief Buying Guide for Your Toddler’s Clothes

A Brief Buying Guide for Your Toddler’s Clothes

Toddlers grow really fast. This means you have to keep replacing their wardrobe just as fast. If you are not careful, things can get expensive, quite quickly. So, what can you do about this? What is the best way to buy toddlers’ clothes? The most important thing to remember when buying clothes for toddlers is to buy less so you’ll waste less. This buying guide will show you exactly how to do this, even on a tight budget.

Remember, affordable does not mean poorly-made or low quality. It means buying clothes that look good without being too expensive for you. Here is how to choose great, affordable toddler clothes every time:

1. Comfort is key
Go for soft, cozy materials that would feel good on you if you could wear them. You cannot go wrong with 100% cotton, so go for that wherever possible. Soft, stretchy fabric is also important as toddlers learn to be independent. Elastic waists are easier for them to take off to go to the potty and stretchy cotton shirts are relatively easy to put on.

2. Do not compromise on style
While going for something that isn’t too expensive is essential, you should also make sure that it is something both you and your little one will like. Getting that ugly or tacky outfit just because it is cheap does no one any good. It’ll probably end up at the back of the closet and never get worn, which means you only end up losing money in the long run.

3. Make sure it fits
It is imperative to get something that your child will actually get to wear. It should fit them well without being too tight around the tummy or pinching when they walk. It should also not be too big for them, forcing them to keep yanking those pants up all day as they play. Keep in mind that your toddler is growing fast. If you want to get more use out of an outfit, get it slightly larger.

4. Everything has to go with everything else
Pick a loose color scheme and stick to it. This will allow you to comfortably mix and match all the outfits in the wardrobe, giving you more flexibility in their outfits.

5. Keep it simple
There are too many options these days when it comes to kids’ clothes. Pick one or two stores and buy everything from them. You need to make things easy on yourself. Plus, when you choose to buy from as few brands as possible, coordinating the style of your little one’s pieces becomes easier.

6. How long will it last?
As you buy outfits for your toddler, try to think about the mileage they’ll give you. It is smarter to buy clothes that are a little more expensive but last a lot longer. They should hold up to the wear and tear your little one will put them through and last the entire season without falling apart. Most cheap clothes will not let you get this kind of use out of them.


Final Thoughts

Here is a rule of thumb to live by when shopping for your toddler. Think of this as a kind of cheat sheet for the number of outfits that you need: 6 is the magic number. For each season, get 6 tops, 6 bottoms, and a dress for girls.

This is the core number that works when you plan to do laundry every day. Increase the number by 1 according to the number of days you plan to wait between laundry batches. So, if you are planning to do laundry every two days, your magic number is 7.

That said, try to steer away from once-a-week laundries because they force you to stock up on too many clothes. This makes them more likely to end up on the floor, and you will probably have to spend several hours folding and putting away clean clothes when you get around to cleaning them.

The fewer the clothes you have, the more frequently you’ll get to do the laundry, and the more clutter-free your home will be!

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