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Best Educational Toys For Kids In 2022

Best Educational Toys For Kids In 2022

Best Educational Toys For Kids In 2022

Kids are highly impressionable and learn through play. You can therefore use toys to stir their curiosity and improve their problem-solving skills. This goes a long way in helping them with their overall development. 

What’s more, apart from providing fun and new ways to learn things, educational toys are also a great way to bring out and improve hidden talents that you may not know your child has. 

To help you get started, here is a list of some of the best educational toys for kids in 2022. 


This Workbench from Plantoys features a beautiful design and 22 different tools, including a hammer, screwdriver nuts and bolts, and a wrench. The workbench is portable and can be used on the floor and even on a table shelf. This workbench is designed to help your child develop their fine motor skills as they try to operate the tools. It also encourages imaginative thinking as they try to figure out how to use the toys. 

Essential Play Kitchen

Essential Play Kitchen is a product of Milton and Goose. This miniature kitchen is the perfect canvas for imaginative play. This play kitchen has a beautiful design and is safe. It is expertly crafted from sustainable Baltic birch and solid North American maple. It is topped with HAPS-free, low-VOC, and non-toxic finishes. It features an extra-large oven, an under-sink cabinet with shelf space for extra storage, four burners, a center grill, and cutting board

It is suitable for kids aged between 4 and 10 years. The kitchen set is designed to help kids develop organizational skills. It also encourages imaginative thinking and social skills, especially if more than one child is using the kitchen set.  

Dairy Play Food Set

The Dairy Play Food set is also a product of Milton and Goose. Each set features organic milk, almond milk, 2 free-range eggs, and goat’s milk butter. These come in a beautiful cotton drawstring bag. The pieces of the set are made of solid wood pieces which are engraved and hand-painted by artisans. The pieces are made from solid maple and are topped with non-toxic finishes. The dairy play food set helps kids develop fine motor and tactile skills. The set has small pieces which could be a choking hazard, hence should not be given to children under 3. 

Upper Case Alphabet

The Upper Case Alphabet from PlanToys is designed to help develop your child’s language skills. The set contains 31 pieces in total, consisting of 26 upper case letters and 5 vowels. They are made to encourage communication and language practice. The vowels are red so that kids are able to differentiate the vowels from consonants. You can also download a printable play card online for viewing. They are easy to handle and come with a storage bag where they can be safely stored when playtime is over. The letters are made with sustainable materials in Thailand.

Final Thoughts

Kids learn best through play. With the toys listed above, your little one will get some much-needed help when it comes to developing essential skills that will last them a lifetime. And the best part? They get to develop these skills while having fun at the same time! 

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