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Best Toys For Babies Between 6-12 Months

Best Toys For Babies Between 6-12 Months

Best Toys For Babies Between 6-12 Months

By the time your little one is 6 months old, they are able to grasp objects and manipulate them in their hands. It is extremely important to keep improving these budding motor skills so that by the time they hit 12 months, they’ll have great hand-eye coordination and even be able to feed themselves finger foods!

The best way to do this is by getting them the right toys for their age. Babies learn best through play. And when you get them age-appropriate toys, they will be engaged and pick up new skills as they go without even realizing it. 

As you buy toys for your 6-12-month-old, keep in mind that every baby is different. They all hit their developmental milestones differently, so be sure to speak to your pediatrician about specific milestones or concerns for your little one.

Some Of The Ideal 6-12 Months Baby Toys Include:

  • Small Balls: They will keep your baby amused for a long time.
  • Toys With Mirrors: You can use the mirror to teach your child about reflections and to show them what they look like from different angles. Also great for developing motor skills.
  • Trucks: Vehicles are great for hours of endless fun. Vehicles that can be manipulated like these trucks will also help them develop their hand-eye coordination skills. 
  • Finger Puppets: Interactive and expressive. What’s not to love? 
  • Blocks: Building blocks are a must-have for better hand-eye coordination, motor skills development, and shape and color identification. 
  • Fabrics: These are great for open-ended play and sensorial stimulation. 

Final Thoughts

As you buy toys for your 6-12-month-old, try to go for gender-neutral options instead of gender-specific toys that limit their options for exploration. Additionally, get toys that are safe for little ones to play with: they should be well-made using baby-safe non-toxic materials that will not harm the baby. They should also not be so small that they can pose a choking hazard for your little angel. 

Above all else, get your baby a toy that makes them happy. Between the ages of 6-12 months, your baby will have started to develop a personality, becoming their own person with unique likes and dislikes. Be observant and identify the things that make them happy. For example, if they have a favorite tv show, get them a character from the show! 

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