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Fun Black Friday Activities To Do With Kids

Fun Black Friday Activities To Do With Kids

Fun Black Friday Activities To Do With Kids

For a lot of us, Black Friday means hitting the stores as early as possible or hunting for the best deals online. However, shopping isn’t all there is to this day. There are many other activities you can enjoy with your family on Black Friday. 

1. Volunteer

Everyone volunteers on other popular holidays like Thanksgiving, leaving subsequent holidays like Black Friday severely ignored. Volunteering with your family is a great way to spend Black Friday. 

Here Are A Few Ideas On How You Can Volunteer:
- Help clean out your local beach or park

  • Help out at your local animal shelter
  • Volunteer for a local environmental/conservation organization
  • Serve at your local soup kitchen
  • Donate clothes and shoes to goodwill
      2. Go Camping

Consider finding a state park near you and checking online to see if they have any special events or free admission offers for Black Friday. A lot of them do. Call or email them to make a reservation then go on the camping trip! Camping is a great way to bond as a family. 

3. Find A Family Entertainment Center

Family fun centers are great because they offer all sorts of activities for fun and play that the whole family can enjoy. From bowling to batting cages to indoor trampolines to playgrounds and swings, there is something for everyone. Don’t forget to call ahead to check their availability! 

4. Visit A Zoo Or Museum

Most people will be flocking to shopping centers. Do the opposite and head to the zoo or museum, which will be less crowded on Black Friday. You’ll get to have a good time without having to deal with the crowds. 

5. Make Homemade Presents

With Christmas just around the corner, you want to start getting those presents ready as early as possible. Handmade presents are more meaningful and thoughtful than store-bought ones. Here are some gift ideas that you can explore with the kids: 

  • Santa Advent calendar that counts down the days to Santa’s arrival. You’ll need white craft paper, glue, colored pencils, construction paper, and cotton balls.
  • Christmas character treat bags for carrying goodies in case you’ll be having a party soon or the kids have a Christmas party at school lined up
  • Pinecone tree craft, such as painting pinecones green to look like little Christmas trees
  • Paper plate Santas, which are adorable googly-eyed Santas made using paper plates, complete with a white mustache and a cute pom-pom nose..
      6.Host A Potluck

With Thanksgiving barely over, you probably won’t be the only family with leftovers you’re having a hard time finishing. Gather a few friends and neighbors you didn’t get to spend time with on Thanksgiving for a potluck of all your best leftovers on Black Friday. 

7. Relax At Home

So simple, isn’t it? Having an easy day at home means spending more time with the family and saving money while at it. Plus, there’s also the peace of mind that comes with not having to deal with post-Thanksgiving traffic.

Here Are Some Of The Things You Can Do At Home With The Kids: 

  • Read a book to your kids
  • Make DIY holiday decorations and ornaments
  • Start putting up Christmas decorations
  • Bake cookies and biscuits
  • Decorate a gingerbread house
  • Mark fun art with slime, paint, crayons, or clay
  • Play board games
  • Snuggle on the couch and watch family-friendly movies and TV shows

Final Thoughts

Black Friday is synonymous with chaos and overspending. Why not do something different this year and spend time with the family? It might just end up being the best Black Friday ever.

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