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How Can You Get Your Baby To Stop Standing In The Crib?

How Can You Get Your Baby To Stop Standing In The Crib?

How Can You Get Your Baby To Stop Standing In The Crib?

Nothing makes a parent prouder than when their precious little one picks up a new skill. After all, your baby learning to sit up and stand on his/her own are significant milestones that you should celebrate! But what happens when milestones disrupt your baby’s newly established sleeping schedule? How can you get your baby to stop standing in the crib?

Why Does Your Baby Keep Standing In The Crib?

To figure out how to get your baby to stop standing in his/her crib, it is important to determine why it keeps happening in the first place. There is a simple reason for this – your little one’s motor skills are developing. During this stage they’re learning how to stretch and exercise their muscles, so you can expect to see new tricks like standing. 

While this is a milestone that every parent should celebrate, you will quickly realize that your baby doesn’t know how to get back down until they are all cried out and exhausted.

How To Get Your Baby To Lie Down 

If your baby tends to stand up during their nap or sleepy time at night, it is important to help them get down. Ideally, when this happens, you must put them back down and give them some space. Keep checking up on them, and if you find them standing up again, lay them back down. Try as much as possible to give them some space once you lie them down.

Tips To Get Your Baby To Stop Standing In Their Cot

If you find that your child is putting up a fight, here are some additional tips you can try to get them to stay down:

  • If your baby makes a habit of holding onto the railings of the cot, step away and let them be, at least for a bit. You will find that your little one will gradually get tired and learn that they need to lie down.
  • During the day, you can teach your child to lie down without your help. This will help them become accustomed to the act so that if at some point they find themselves on their feet, they’ll try their best to lie down.
  • One way you can teach your little one to lie down is through song. Try singing them the song “Ring Around the Rosie”. Once you get to the “and we all fall down” line, gently sit them on their bottom while still supporting them. It may take around a week or two before your child learns to sit down on their own, so be patient.
  • When putting them to bed at night, you can try speaking to them in a soft tone or singing a comforting lullaby to get them to feel relaxed and sleepy. Once they start drifting off, stroke their back or cheek to comfort them.  

Final Thoughts

Getting your baby to stop standing in his/her crib can take time, and it is a process that requires consistency and patience on your part. It might be tempting to forcefully put them to sleep, but this will only result in your child becoming increasingly resistant, and in the end, both of you will be exhausted and cranky.

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