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How To Dress A Baby Boy For The Holidays

How To Dress A Baby Boy For The Holidays

How To Dress A Baby Boy For The Holidays

One of the most exciting things about having a baby boy is getting to dress him in all kinds of adorable clothes. It gets even more exciting over the holidays because it means you’ll get to dress them in lots of special outfits just to mark the occasion. 

That said, depending on your preferences, it can be a little hard to find the exact outfits you’re looking for. So where do you start? And how do you go about it? Well, here’s a concise guide on how you can dress your baby boy for the holidays.

1. Newborns

Newborns have very specific clothing requirements, regardless of the occasion. Here is how to dress them for the holidays:

You want to have several onesies on hand during the holiday. Depending on the season, you can choose between long and short sleeves.

A couple of sweaters are important for layering. Choose varieties with fancy prints, block colors, or animals on them for the holidays.

  • Pants

Three or four pairs of pants will come in handy when you want to dress your baby up a little for photos.

Don’t forget the socks! A pair of colorful socks with funky patterns and characters can make your little one’s outfit stand out.

  • Hats

You will need a hat to ensure that your baby’s head stays warm. A cute pom pom hat is a great holiday accessory.

2. Infants and walkers

Older babies have a slightly more diverse wardrobe than newborns, so you can dress your little boy in all sorts of cute outfits.

Little boys look beyond adorable in overalls, plus they can still move with ease. This is a great outfit option for crawling babies.

  • Rompers

Rompers are easy, one-piece outfits that are best suited for mild weather. Why not get your baby boy one that features their favorite cartoon character for the holidays?

  • Button-down shirts

If you’re planning to take your little one out to dinner, religious services, special events, or to visit the grand-parents, a button-down shirt will make him look even cuter.

  • Outerwear

If the area where you live experiences cold winters over the holidays, you will want to dress your baby in snow pants and a winter coat or a snowsuit. 

3. Early walkers and toddlers

Babies at this stage can stand and move around on their feet, so their wardrobe may look a bit different.

  • Dress-up clothing (dress pants, sweater vests, formal shirts)

Your baby is a bit more grown up, which means that you can put him in outfits that are a bit more formal. For the holidays, consider a button-down shirt, sweater vest, and a pair of dress pants.

  • Rain jacket and waterproof footwear

Waterproof shoes and a raincoat will keep your little boy clean and dry on rainy days spent stomping in puddles.

  • Outerwear

A light windbreaker layered with a fleece jacket or winter coat will keep your little one warm on cold winter days.

Toddlers need footwear to keep their feet protected as they move around. Winter boots are appropriate for cold months while sandals should work for summer.

Final Thoughts

Choosing outfits for your baby boy to wear during the holidays should be a fun, bonding experience for you and your little one. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try out different outfit ideas – with the tips outlined here, and as long as your little boy is comfortable, finding that perfect holiday outfit shouldn’t be that hard.

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