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How to Avoid the Holiday Blues as A Single Parent

How to Avoid the Holiday Blues as A Single Parent

How to Avoid the Holiday Blues as A Single Parent

For single parents, the entire month of December can be rather daunting. Everyone else is looking forward to spending time with their significant others but you are all alone, perhaps feeling lonely and even inadequate at times. You want to give your kids a traditional Christmas with mom and dad, but that’s not possible. Perhaps the holidays also stir up some bad feelings of anger, resentment, and sadness as well. 

Well, the good news is that it is all completely normal. You are not alone in this. And if you want to avoid the holiday blues in the days leading up to Christmas, you can. Here are a few tips to help you achieve exactly that. 

1. Plan with the Kids

The first thing you have to do is involve your kids in planning for the holidays. Ask them what they would like to do, what foods they would like to eat, and how they would like to spend the day. In the days leading up to Christmas, ask for their input on how to decorate the house and the tree. Let them pick films to watch and activities that you can do as a family. This will bring you closer to each other, strengthening your relationship with your kids. When they are more involved in making decisions, you will be able to do more of what they like, turning Christmas into a real success. 

2. Be Organized

Make sure you are busy and have something to do whether the kids end up spending Christmas with you or not. Where will you be spending Christmas? Invite someone over or plan to visit your friends or family. Don’t leave the planning to the last minute when everyone already has made other plans. If you are not organized, it is easy to end up spending the holidays alone, which you do not want. 

3. Take the Kids on Holiday

Going on a holiday with the kids is always a good idea if you have the budget for it. It is a great way to take your minds off things and to help the kids forget that they miss the other parent. Breaking from your normal routines in this way will do everyone a ton of good. Plus, the holiday will help strengthen the bond between you and your kids even more! 

4. Sharing Christmas with Your Ex

If your ex is still involved in your kids’ lives, you may have to share Christmas. While it can be painful for you to have the kids one day and know that they are at your partner’s the next. Whatever your arrangement may be, your priority should always be your kids; happiness. The silver lining is that you’ll be able to sleep in, avoid cleaning up, and enjoy some time to yourself. 

The key to making this a success is communication. Talk to your partner to arrange when both of you will be having the kids and what presents you’ll get them. As long as you approach it with a positive mindset, it can work well for both parents.

Other Things You can Do to Avoid the Holiday Blues

  • Check out local events for inspiration on things to do and places to go
  •  Let go of any expectations you may have and try not to feel like you have to do every thing in a certain way. 
  • Avoid overspending
  • Establish new Christmas traditions with your kids
  • Relax, reflect, and unwind. 

Final Thoughts

Christmas can be a very tough time for single parents. If you are having a hard time with it, just remember that there is nothing more important than the smile on your little one’s face. Your kids value the time you spend with them and the effort you make to bring them joy more than any gift you can buy them. So try to enjoy it as much as you can! Merry Christmas!

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