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How to Help Your Children Find the Spirit of Christmas

How to Help Your Children Find the Spirit of Christmas

How to Help Your Children Find the Spirit of Christmas

Christmas is one of the largest holidays of the year. However, most kids only associate it with getting presents and nothing more. They get excited as the big day draws near, not because of the celebration or the time they’ll get to spend with their loved ones, but because of all the new toys they’ll get that day. And this just builds upon itself year after year until you end up with materialistic kids who only value people and things based on what they can do for them. 

So how can you make them see beyond the exciting gifts and understand the deeper meaning behind the holiday? Even if you are not religious, how do you help your child find the spirit of Christmas? 

Here Are a Few Ideas: 

1. Show Them the Magic Behind the Holiday

Christmas is a celebration of a miracle. It is the perfect time to remind ourselves that the world and everything around us are miraculous. So take the time to look at the moon at night and watch the sun glittering on the snow during the day. These simple moments of daily life will show your child that there are wonders all around her, affirming the magic of Christmas in the process. 

2. Reflect as A Family

Sit down as a family and talk to your children about why you celebrate this holiday. You can start a new family tradition where you light a candle together or you have a ceremony for turning on the Christmas lights. All this will help bring you closer together as a family unit. 

3. Be Generous

There is no better time to make generosity a part of your Christmas traditions. Find opportunities for your child to feel generous. Donate, volunteer, and give away things you do not need. This will ingrain in your children the spirit of generosity, which is a major part of what Christmas stands for. 

4. Focus on Family Connections Instead of Gifts

Christmas time is family time. Take this opportunity to shift your kids’ focus away from receiving gifts and make it all about connecting as a family. Decorate and bake together and let them experience and build memories as a family. They will treasure these moments more than any gift you get them. 

5. Enjoy Some Silence

It is easy to have the TV going in the background all day whether it is being watched or not. However, children, too, need to experience some peace and quiet and simply be present in the moment with themselves. If you find that the sounds of the TV and music are intruding on the peacefulness of the day, why not turn them off? Stay in silence for a while. It is a powerful tool for self-reflection. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, it is not that hard to help your kids discover the joy and the spirit of Christmas. With the tips outlined above, your little ones will realize that Christmas is more than just a time for gifts. It is also an opportunity to spend some time with their family members and build memories that will last a lifetime! Merry Christmas! 

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