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How To Keep Your Baby Warm On A Cold Night

How To Keep Your Baby Warm On A Cold Night

How To Keep Your Baby Warm On A Cold Night

One of the biggest challenges that all parents face is to keep their babies warm and cozy on chilly nights. When temperatures drop, babies have a hard time regulating their body temperatures, which makes them susceptible to flu, coughs, and other health problems brought about by the cold. As a result, it is your job to help your little one to maintain a consistent body temperature. 

Here’s How You Can Keep Your Baby Warm On A Cold Night.

  • Pick A Warm, Comfortable Outfit

On cold nights, the best way to ensure that your little one stays warm during sleep is to dress him in layers that you can easily put on and peel off if need be. Stay away from heavy or woolen clothes as they will cause overheating. Instead, choose several thin layers of warm clothes that you can easily take off during diaper changes or when it gets too warm. A good rule of thumb is to have your baby in one extra layer than you.

  • Ensure That The Room Temperature Is Just Right

Keeping your little one's room just warm enough is one way to ensure a comfortable sleeping environment. It is recommended that babies sleep at a temperature between 64.4°F and 68°F (18°C and 20°C). Use a room thermometer to determine if your baby’s sleeping space maintains a safe, comfortable temperature.

  • The Importance Of Crib Positioning

The position of your little one’s crib can also have an impact on how comfortable they are as they sleep. Consider placing the crib away from drafty windows, fans, air vents, and outer walls. You’ll also want to close any doors or windows to keep cold air from entering the room.

  • Cover Your Little One’s Head And Hands

A lot of heat is lost through your baby’s head and hands, so you want to add a baby cap and lightweight mittens to their sleepwear to ensure that they are adequately warm in these areas during chilly nights. Additionally, you can keep their tootsies toasty using socks.

Sometimes, on especially cold nights, one-piece suits just won't do it. To ensure that your baby is warm and cozy, you might want to wrap them in a thick swaddling blanket. If your baby often wriggles out of swaddles, a good alternative is to put him in a wearable blanket to sleep.

  • Pre-Heat Your Baby’s Crib

If you find that your house is too cold, consider pre-heating your little one’s crib before putting him down to create a warm and comfortable sleeping space. To do this, try placing a heating pad over the crib sheet for at least half an hour, and remember to remove it before laying your child down to avoid any overheating.

Final Thoughts

Depending on how cold it is, there are many ways you can keep your baby warm. The easiest way to combat a chilly night is by dressing your baby in warm layers that are easily removable. Another option is to keep their sleeping space at a comfortable room temperature. You can also choose to swaddle, pre-heat the crib, or change the positioning of the crib. You can use one or several of these solutions for the desired results.

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