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How To Shop For A Baby On Cyber Monday

How To Shop For A Baby On Cyber Monday

How To Shop For A Baby On Cyber Monday

Black Friday is pretty popular with shoppers the world over in November. This means that Cyber Monday is often overlooked by most people. If you are a savvy shopper, this makes it the perfect opportunity to hunt for some of the best deals of the year. 

If you haven’t been shopping actively on Cyber Monday, you’ve probably been missing out on lots of amazing deals, especially if you're shopping for a baby. Wondering how to fix this? Here’s how to shop for your little one on Cyber Monday.

What websites feature the best deals?


Buy Buy Baby is a renowned online retailer that features major baby gear brands. It is a great place to start looking for Cyber Monday deals – you can even find pre-Thanksgiving sales currently ongoing on their clearance page. Additionally, this website comes with a price match guarantee to help you determine if you’re getting the best deal out there.


Amazon offers a wide variety of deals and discounts on baby essentials each year. In 2016, Amazon offered up to 40% discounts on select car seats and strollers. In 2020, they're offering amazing deals on a wide range of baby gear and breastfeeding accessories. 


Albee Baby has amazing sales on Cyber Monday on select bassinets, strollers, high-end car seats, playpens, and other nursery items.


Target has sales on all kinds of baby items n Cyber Monday, plus they offer free shipping on select products.

What are the best baby products to buy?

Children grow at a rapid rate, which means that you have to buy clothes and shoes regularly to keep up with these growth spurts. Cyber Monday may be the ideal time to buy your kids new clothes and shoes as you will find all kinds of items at crazy low prices.

  • Baby gear

You will almost always find unbelievably great deals on highchairs, strollers, Pack ‘n Plays, swings, and other baby gears

  • Toys

You can expect to find amazing deals on cot mobiles, peek-a-boo toys, teether toys, musical toys, and other play items for your little on a variety of online stores on Cyber Monday.

How to get the most out of Cyber Monday

  • Make a list

Before you kick off your holiday shopping, you want to make a list. This way, you won’t be overwhelmed by all the enticing Cyber Monday deals.

  • Come up with a budget

It is important to have a budget so that you don’t end up impulsively buying things that you won’t need only because they are being sold at a cheap price.

  • Do your research

Look into the products you intend to buy to see the range of the prices they’re being offered for. This will help you determine if you’re indeed getting a deal or not.

Final Thoughts

Cyber Monday comes with a lot of great deals on baby clothes, shoes, highchairs, strollers, and other essential baby gear. This makes it one of the best holiday shopping days to keep an eye out for whether you have a newborn or a preschooler.

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