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How To Take Care Of A Baby Boy

How To Take Care Of A Baby Boy

How To Take Care Of A Baby Boy

For little boys growing up in today’s society, it can feel like girls are getting all the love and attention while boys are being left out in the cold. It doesn’t have to be so for your little boy. When you give them all the love and affection they need right from the start, they’ll grow up to be confident, thoughtful, caring people. And that’s exactly what our world today needs. 

Here Are Some Of The Things You Can Do To Take Good Care Of Your Baby Boy: 

1. Teach Him How To Express His Emotions

This is one of the lessons that parents should teach their sons from an early age. As a baby, you can help them learn to label their happy feelings vs their sad feelings. Then let him express himself freely as long as he is not completely out of control or destructive. 

Even today, boys are still expected to swallow their anger and stifle their tears while girls have a freer reign over their emotions. Talk to your son and help him label his feelings as he grows. 

2. Give Him Lots Of Physical Affection

Studies show that baby boys get less physical contact with their parents than girls. Girls are not the only ones who need to be cuddled and held. Your son feels safe in your hands. Make it a habit to hug and kiss them whenever you can. This generosity on your part will help them grow to be more confident and expressive.

3. Don’t Shut Down His High Energy Moments

From an early age, boys have a lot of energy which can get pent-up if they don't get enough chances to climb, run, and blow off steam. Let them be free to do so. As you do, be sure to keep their environment safe and gently show them how to take care of themselves to prevent accidents. 

4. Your Son Is Going To Treat His Penis Like A Toy

Boys learn at a very young age that touching their penis feels nice, and holding it makes them feel secure. Your little one will spend most of his free time playing with his penis despite where he is. This is nothing to be worried about and a completely natural part of growing up. 

5. Erection Is Normal

Erection is normal. Don't get worried or surprised when you see your little one’s erection. When changing his diaper and you notice that has an erection, you might want to put his diaper on or grab a towel and cover him for a couple of minutes. Erection is a sign that his small bladder is full.

6. Boys Are More On The Move

There is no real difference between girls and boys at the early stages. However, when they start to walk, you will realize that boys are more likely to keep moving. This increased focus on mobility puts boys a month or two behind girls in language skills and speech, but don’t worry, your little boy will catch up to girls his age by the age of three.

7. Taking Care Of His Genitals

Wondering what’s the best way to take care of his genitals? If your son is circumcised, keep his penis wrapped in gauze and covered with petroleum jelly for at least two days. The gauze pad should be changed after poopy diapers to prevent infection. 

If your son is uncircumcised, you don't have to do any special cleaning. Just wipe his genital area with warm water during diaper changes and bath time. No need to pull back the foreskin to clean under it. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, boys are not that complicated to take care of. With the tips and tricks outlined above, caring for your baby boy should be a breeze. Good luck!


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