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How To Take Care Of A Baby Girl

How To Take Care Of A Baby Girl

How To Take Care Of A Baby Girl

Raising a girl calls for more attention and responsibility on the parents’ part. Right from infancy, they present a special set of challenges that moms and dads need to navigate carefully. The good news is that when done right, you’ll have a healthy, happy baby girl on your hands that will grow up to become a remarkable little girl. 

Here Are Some Of The Most Important Things You Need To Keep In Mind When Taking Care Of Your Baby Girl.

1. Changing Diapers

When changing your baby’s diaper, you should always wipe from front to back from her urethra and vagina to avoid transferring the bacteria from the poop to the vagina, causing an infection. Consider using some mild baby cleaner or alcohol-free baby wipes to clean your little angel’s genital area to enhance the natural skin barrier and to kill any germs in the area. 

2. Cleaning The Labia

Always clean the labia and the area around it. Remove sweat, nappy creams, traces of poo, and anything else from the area to help prevent potential infections. 

To clean the labia, wet a cotton wool ball with warm water. Hold your baby’s legs apart and clean between the labia with the cotton wool. Do it gently from front to back. Once you are done, gently pat your baby’s genital area with a soft towel to dry it. Avoid using vaginal douches, deodorants, or any cleaners meant for adults or older kids. These can distress the chemical balance of your baby's vagina, increasing the risk of infection.

3. Baby Girls Are Sensitive To Your Emotions

A lot of times, girls tend to care deeply about other people’s feelings. If you burst into tears, your baby will likely follow suit even though she has no idea what’s wrong. This native empathy manifests early on in girls because of the brain differences in girls and boys. Keep this in mind as you raise them and you’ll be able to create a nurturing environment for their emotional growth. As your little angel grows into a toddler, simple things like letting her brush your hair with you give her the opportunity to see how happy they can make you, boosting their overall self-confidence. 

4. Baby Girls Notice Everything

Even before your daughter can speak, she is always watching everything that you do. As her mom, you are the first person she’ll learn what it means to be a girl and a woman from. If your daughter sees you pinching your fat rolls and sighing, she will do exactly that because she thinks that is how to be a woman means. 

5. Baby-Proof Your Makeup Drawer

Your little angel will be drawn to your make-up drawer like a moth to a flame. She’s going to love your lipstick tubes, and the lack of proper parental supervision may result in serious problems as some makeup items contain toxic or harsh chemicals. 

Little girls seem particularly drawn to imitating their mothers’ makeup habits. Moms have found their babies with a full face of nail polish, eyeshadow, and blush. While it may seem funny, these things may contain chemicals that can be harmful to babies. So keep your makeup drawer locked!

6. Encourage Assertiveness

As a parent, you should teach your daughter to explicitly state her needs to adults and stand her ground to her peers. For example, if another child does not treat her well, encourage her to speak out and say that she doesn’t like being treated that way. This assertiveness will serve her well for the rest of her life. 

Final Thoughts

Studies have shown that there are some noticeable brain differences between girls and boys. This just goes to show that they are different individuals. Girls often require more attention and responsibilities from their parents because of the unique challenges that they face. Having a good understanding of this is the key to bringing up a happy, healthy baby girl.

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