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Importance Of Reading To Kids

Importance Of Reading To Kids

Importance Of Reading To Kids

Children’s reading skills are important to their success in school and in their later life as adults. The good news is that as a parent, you can help give your little one a head start in her reading skills by reading to her from an early age

Here are Some of The Key Benefits of Reading to Kids: 

1. It Supports Cognitive Development

Reading to young children has been shown to lead to improved cognitive skills and to help in the process of cognitive development. Children begin to learn how to think and understand, and it starts the process of construction of thought processes. Skills like remembering, problem-solving, and decision-making can all be supercharged by reading to your child. When you read to her, you are helping her make sense of the world around her. She’ll better understand what she sees, hears, or reads about, as well as what she interacts with in the real world. 

2. It Leads to Improved Language Skills

When you read to your child every day starting in infancy, it jumpstarts the process of language acquisition, social skills, communication skills, and early literacy skills. Reading to your child from an early age stimulates the part of her brain that is responsible for understanding the meaning of language, laying the foundation for important language, literacy, and social skills. 

3. It is Essential in The Preparation for Academic Success

Reading to your child every day gives her the opportunity to grow her vocabulary skills by exposing her to new words. She also gets to practice her listening skills by listening to you read. Such skills will become vital to her academic success. Studies show that the more words your child has in her vocabulary, the more words she will be able to learn. By the time she reaches kindergarten, the more prepared she will be to read. 

4. It is A Great Way to Bond with Your Child

Reading is also a great way to develop a special bond with your child. When you read to her regularly, it fosters a special connection between you that will only grow stronger with time. Since one of the best ways you can influence your child’s development is by spending time with her, this is always a good thing. When you make reading to your child part of both your daily routines, it gives you a shared event and allows you to both look forward to spending time together. It also gives your child a feeling of intimacy and well-being, which makes her feel closer to you as she enjoys the feelings of love and attention that you are giving her. 

5. It leads to Increased Concentration and Discipline

When children are younger, it is difficult for them to sit still for too long. However, when you introduce regular reading sessions, this will slowly change and your child will be able to sit still and focus for longer. It may take time, but eventually, your little one will stop squirming and becoming distracted during your reading sessions and learn how to stay put for the entire duration of the book. 

6. It leads to Improved Imagination and Creativity

When you read to your child, you allow her to open up her imagination and explore far-off worlds, places, people, events, and times. She gets to dream big and live a little beyond her own experiences. When you widen your child’s imagination in this way, she will become more imaginative and creative as she grows. This will benefit her in school and in her future adult life. 

7. It helps your Child Cultivate A Lifelong Love for Reading

The more you read to your child, the more your child will associate books with feelings of pleasure. This will serve her well as she grows because when she has a passion for lifelong learning, she will be able to expand her mind and find success in whatever field she chooses. This is critical to her future success, no matter what path she chooses to follow. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, reading to kids from an early age helps promote brain development and imagination. It helps your child develop language and emotions, and it is a great way to bond with your little one. The best part is that you do not even have to read all the time. Sometimes you can read. At other times, you can simply look at the pictures and let her make up her own stories. 

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