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Should Babies Wear Socks To Bed?

Should Babies Wear Socks To Bed?

Should Babies Wear Socks To Bed?

Ensuring that your little one is comfortable as they sleep can be quite a challenge. With all the variable options that are available to parents, from swaddling blankets to sleepwear, you may have a hard time deciding how to dress your baby for bed so they sleep soundly and stay safe. For instance, if their pajamas don’t feature feet to keep their little trotters warm, should babies wear socks to bed?

Worrying about a baby getting cold comes naturally to parents. The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) recommends that you monitor your little one’s temperatures regularly. This is important because babies are sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and are unable to regulate their body temperatures to the same extent as grownups. 

That said, before you put socks on your child during bedtime, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advises that you first gauge how the room temperature feels to you. A good rule of thumb to follow when it comes to baby sleepwear is to dress them in one additional layer than you need to feel warm and comfortable. Therefore, if your feet feel cold, your baby might just need socks (although a wearable blanket or footie pajamas may work just as well) to feel comfortable enough to drift off to sleep.

While you may fret that your child might feel cold if they don't wear socks to bed, a bigger concern is your child overheating. This is especially likely while they sleep because overheating tends to increase the risk of babies succumbing to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). To ensure that your little one stays comfortable throughout the night, consider the following solutions:

  • Set the room temperature of your baby’s sleeping space to a temperature that is comfortable for you, the parent.
  • Keep monitoring your baby to check for any signs of overheating, which may include a flushed appearance or red cheeks, feeling warm to the touch, excessive fidgeting or crying, or sweating. If you pick up on any of these signs, remove the child’s socks as well as excessive blankets, and keep a careful eye on them for the rest of the night.

If you determine that socks are indeed necessary, choose to go for a pair that is made of breathable, organic material. Cotton is the ideal option, although other natural fibers like merino wool or cashmere work just as well. 

It is worth noting that night-time socks can be a bit pricey. That said, if the socks are exclusively worn in bed, then you don’t have to worry about them getting dirty or damaged, and will serve their purpose well, at least until the child outgrows them.

Avoid putting your little one in socks that are too small, as this could hinder the blood circulating in their bodies from reaching their feet.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, should a baby wear socks to bed?  There is no definitive answer or rule that states little ones should wear socks to sleep. If you feel cold and are worried that your baby might be as well, consider covering their feet with socks when they sleep. Similarly, if your child seems to sleep better with socks on, then by all means put socks on them as part of their bedtime routine.

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