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The Right Way to Dress A Newborn Step By Step

The Right Way to Dress A Newborn Step By Step

The Right Way to Dress A Newborn Step By Step

Dressing a newborn baby as a first-time parent can be a nerve-wracking experience. And for good reason, because newborns are delicate and helpless little creatures that rely on you completely for everything. Knowing how to dress your little one in the right way is vital if you want to feel more confident in caring for them. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to dress your newborn baby:

How to Dress a Newborn

1. Start by placing your newborn on a flat surface

To start dressing your little one, place them on a sturdy flat surface. A changing table is a great investment for this purpose, but a contoured changing pad works just as well. Set everything you need around your changing station so that you don’t have to keep bending over for diaper or clothing changes.

2. Stretch the neckline of the cloth to make it easier to fit it over his/her head

When taking off or putting on a shirt or onesie, ensure that you stretch the neckline. This will make it less uncomfortable for your child as well as make it easier to fit the cloth over his/her head. Some clothes feature buttons that you can undo and easily put them over the baby's head.

3. Lay the baby on top of the unzipped or unbuttoned clothes

Prepare your newborn’s outfit for effortless dressing by unzipping or unbuttoning it and placing it on the changing pad. This way, you can simply lay the baby on top of the outfit and quickly dress them.

4. Insert the baby’s feet into the bottoms

Put the baby’s feet into the bottoms of the outfit. Avoid tugging your newborn's legs to dress them as you may inadvertently hurt them.

5. Pull his/her hand through the top

Avoid pushing your little one's arm through a piece of clothing. Instead, insert your fingers into the sleeve and gently pull his/her hand through it. 

6. Secure the zipper or buttons

After you get your baby's legs and arm in the clothing, adjust the fabric around their neck and waist accordingly, and secure the zipper or buttons. Double-check to ensure that the buttons line up properly. If the clothing has a zipper, be careful when zipping up to reduce the risk of it snagging your little one's sensitive skin

7. Don’t forget the socks

Unless you are putting your little one in a pair of pajamas or pants that come with footies, consider putting socks on their feet to ensure that they stay warm. Babies tend to kick off socks, so you will want to check their feet from time to time to ensure that the socks stay on.

8. Mittens are handy

Lastly, place a thin pair of mittens on your little one’s hands to ensure that they stay warm as well as to keep them from scratching themselves when they touch their faces.

Final Thoughts

As you dress and undress your little one more and more, you’ll keep getting better and better at it. Therefore, like all things, it gets easier with practice. 

Always remember to take your time. Handle your newborn carefully and ensure that the type of clothing you choose to put them in is easy to put on and take off and doesn't pose any kind of risk to their health.

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