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Tips On How To Take Good Photos Of Your Baby

Tips On How To Take Good Photos Of Your Baby

Tips On How To Take Good Photos Of Your Baby

Every parent wants to capture and document all those sweet, special moments as your little one grows. But, as most of them will probably tell you, it can be quite a tricky task to take good photos of babies and children in general – kids have a limited attention span, and they'd rather be doing anything else. Read on to discover some tips on how to take envy-inducing snapshots of your little ones.

     1. Timing Is Key

For your child, certain times in his/her daily routine are better than others. So, you want to choose a time when they’re the most settled and happy, which is likely after they have fed. Your little one will be more tolerant to a bit of gentle-nudging into a photo-friendly pose and likely to flash that cute smile you’re after.

     2. Find The Most Flattering Light

As any photographer will inform you, lighting is crucial in their business. To get that angelic glow that baby photos are renowned for, choose a shooting location that lets in indirect sunshine that’s not too harsh or glaring. If you’re photographing your baby in the morning hours, choose a location with west-facing windows, and if you’re shooting in the afternoon, east-facing windows will minimize shadows and squinting. If you’re shooting outside, the last two hours before sunset and the first hour after sunrise are ideal.

     3.Keep Your Props Simple

Avoid distracting props that will draw attention away from your baby. Go for outfits and props that are a muted, neutral color so that the main focus is your bundle of joy. Remove any unnecessary clutter to keep your shots as simple and clean as possible.

     4. Find A Good Backdrop

Consider using your space to make your shots stand out. Using the environment you spend a lot of time in (living rooms, bedrooms, backyards, etc.) as your backdrop will make your images more meaningful.

     5. Ensure Your Child Is Safe

Don’t compromise the safety of your child in the name of cute, stylish photos. If you are planning to work with props, or you want to try complicated poses, have someone lend you a hand; your baby’s safety should be your main priority.

     6. Capture Those Sweet Little Details

Don’t forget to capture all those tiny details that make your precious little one unique. Those rosebud lips, those tiny fingers and toes, that whorl of hair at the back of his head – these are all features that you will want to document and show your child when he’s older.

     7. Keep Your Baby Comfortable

There are a couple of things that you can do to make sure that your baby is happy and comfortable during a photo session. The first is to ensure that the shooting location is warm –crank up the thermostat or use a space heater. You also want to keep muslin cloths and diapers nearby in case your baby needs a change.

Final Thoughts

Photographing your baby can be challenging, but it also comes with a lot of rewards. The pictures that you take as a parent will have something extra special about them. Just remember to take it slow, be patient, and prioritize your little one's safety and comfort.

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