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Unique Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Unique Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Unique Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Sharing the news of your pregnancy with the people you care about is a huge deal. That’s why you want to do it in style! 

These unique pregnancy announcement ideas will help you make your announcement memorable for both you and your loved ones. This guide will also cover when to deliver the good news, just in case you have been wondering when the right time is. 

When Should You Announce Your Pregnancy?

When to announce your pregnancy is entirely up to you. As long as you feel ready and comfortable to do it, go ahead and do it. The most important thing is not to feel pressured to do it by anyone. It is a deeply personal decision and you should take your time with it if you feel like it. 

Therefore, you can choose to announce your pregnancy as soon as you find out, when you are on the last days of the third trimester, or anytime in between. A lot of moms keep it a secret until they reach the second trimester when the risk of miscarriage is lower. 

Additionally, you can decide to only share the news with your inner circle first before everyone else, or you can share it with everyone at the same time. You decide when to announce your pregnancy and who to announce it to. 

How To Announce Pregnancy

The way you announce your pregnancy will depend on who you are sharing the news with. You may want to do it in person, by using a pregnancy announcement card, on social media, or over the phone. Here are a few tips on how to do it:

  • Your partner: Your partner should be the first to know. You might want to find out together at the same time when you take the test. 
  • Immediate family: You might want to tell them in person. However, if they live far from you, no need to go to them. A phone call will do. 
  • Other family members: You can tell them in person, over a phone call, or using a personalized pregnancy announcement card.
  • Close friends: Tell them individually or as a group over lunch or dinner.
  • Colleagues: Your boss should be one of the first people to know about your pregnancy at work. Ask about the maternity benefits you are entitled to. You can let the rest of your colleagues know whenever you are ready to do it. 

Unique Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

  1. Personalized onesies: You can buy personalized onesies with the good news printed on them, for example, they can say “baby coming soon!”. Then hold them up and take photos with them.
  2. Box of treats containing the news: Bring a box of muffins to work with the news written in icing or inside the box to let your colleagues know. 
  3. A career-themed announcement: You can come up with a message related to the line of work you are in. For example, if you are in IT, you can make personalized T-shirts that say “loading…” 
  4. Have your fur baby help out: Got a dog or cat? They can wear a bandana that says “my humans are having a little human”.
  5. Tiny shoes: Write the news on a surface with chalk, then pose with tiny shoes next to it with your partner. 
  6. A fruity surprise: Get two fruit to represent you and your partner, and a tiny fruit to represent the baby. Take a photo and caption it! 
  7. Gift the news: Give your family or friends a kit that contains diapers, pacifiers, and other baby items. Gift-wrap it and let them be surprised. 
  8. Puzzles: For puzzle lovers, you can make a customized pregnancy announcement puzzle that announces the news when completed. 

Final Thoughts 

These pregnancy announcement ideas should fire up your imagination and help you start to think about all the ways you can surprise your loved ones with the good news. Good luck! 

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