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Why Should You Buy Your Child A Kid’s Table And Chair Set?

Why Should You Buy Your Child A Kid’s Table And Chair Set?

Why Should You Buy Your Child A Kid’s Table And Chair Set?

As your little one grows older and starts to gain more independence, she may start slowly pushing you away as she learns to do more and more things by herself. However, it is your duty as the parent to do everything you can to encourage and support this budding independence. One of the ways to do this is to set up a safe environment for them complete with all the necessary tools they need to succeed. 

Try to put yourself in her shoes and imagine her life in a world where everything is too big for her but she must still learn to do things on her own. This is the main reason why getting her a child-sized table and chair set is so important. When you buy child-sized furniture for your child, you empower her to be more independent as she develops into an independent human being. 

Benefits Of Buying Your Child A Kid’s Table And Chair Set 

1. Child-Sized Tables And Chairs Promote Independence

With a kid’s table and chair set, your child will be able to sit and get off the chair without your help. This means your child will now have the power to make her own decisions as to when she wants to sit and eat or sit at her table to do her activities. She won’t have to rely on you to get on her highchair for mealtime or playtime. 

2. A Table And Chair Set Encourages Quiet Time

Your child’s table and chair set are not just for meals. Your child will find all sorts of uses for it, from doing arts and crafts to playing with playdough to practicing their writing skills to reading or drawing. When you set up an environment that encourages creativity, your little one will be less likely to run around the house leaving chaos in her wake. 

3. It Teaches Your Child Practical Life Skills And Table Manners

Right from toddlerhood, children can be taught how to set the table before meals and how to clean up afterward. The best way to start these lessons is using their table and chair set. Your child will enjoy wiping the table more and adjusting the position of the chair until it is just perfect when both the table and the chair are in her size.

4. Child-Sized Tables And Chairs Promote Good Posture And Comfort

When your little one is sitting in her own chair and table, her legs will not dangle in the air nor will you have to use boosters that provide no back support. Instead, she will be able to sit with her feet on the floor and her back against the chair, and she will be able to freely adjust her distance from the table to something she is comfortable with. This is not only more comfortable for her but it also promotes good posture. 

5. They Encourage Healthy Sibling Interaction

If you have more than one child, the younger one probably follows the older one everywhere, trying to ape everything they do. A fight might ensue now and then because your older child might not like how their sibling is always in their personal space. An easy solution for this is to get a table and chair set where both your kids can sit at the same table, each with their own private space while still interacting with each other. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have it: 5 great reasons why getting a kid’s table and chair set for your child is a good idea. As you buy your child’s first table and chair set, ensure that you get one that is easy to clean, safe to use (wood is best!), durable, easy to carry around, tip-resistant, and that can work for both indoor and outdoor activities. We highly recommend our Birch Modern Table and our Birch Modern Open Back Chairs, which come in a set of 2.  

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