Betty's Home

The company is the result of a combination of passion and dreams, as well as incredible determination to achieve the goal.  Combined with a love for sewing and creating handmade things with Kamil’s dream of owning a business. Although it was mainly coming up with new products, the idea of sewing a letter cushion came from the husband.  

The team consists of more than just two and the sons. A large, close-knit team works alongside us on a daily basis, taking care of every part of Betty’s Home. It is thanks to their employees that push everything forward and look for new channels of development.

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We absolutely love Jack and bo! The quality and style of the clothes are just amazing. We got so many good comments on little Gideon’s new clothes:)

Kallie Teal

Absolutely in love with our beautiful clothes from Jack & Bo! We bought a heap for my son who is 8 months old and he looks so adorable in all of them 😍😍

Morgan McGown

We couldn't be more pleased, the products andJack&Bo is great shop! Clothes are very soft and cute! We enjoyed shopping! services are absolutely fantastic!

Akiko Minami

Super cute, comfy clothes! We get compliments anytime we wear anything from Jack & Bo.

Kelly Mann