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Your Memory Will Forever Be In Our Hearts

Your Memory Will Forever Be In Our Hearts

Your Memory Will Forever Be In Our Hearts

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Catherine Salazar, founder and owner of Jack & Bo. Catherine passed on May 19, 2023 after an almost 4 year battle with breast cancer.

She was an indomitable spirit, talented artist, loving wife and mother, and a passionate leader. She was always the one everyone turned to for guidance, support, advice, leadership, and assistance. She loved to travel and try different things. She was as selfless as they come, bearing many of her loved ones burdens willingly, even to her own detriment. To her, it was always worth that sacrifice just to see others grow and improve.

Jack & Bo is a family run and operated business. During Catherine’s final weeks many of our employees were also those most directly responsible for her care - including her husband, sister, and several cousins - while also trying to maintain our commitment to Jack & Bo. Needless to say, our grief is indescribable.

Jack & Bo will continue to operate under her husband Brandon Weygant.

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