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Earth Day 2022: Jack & Bo Team Tree Planting Activity

Earth Day 2022: Jack & Bo Team Tree Planting Activity

Earth Day 2022: Jack & Bo Team Tree Planting Activity

It has been Jack & Bo’s mission to instill care and love for the planet in the hearts of our children. This is why we have committed to planting a tree for every product we sell. As a small family business, fighting climate change seemed difficult at first, but Tree-nation made it easy for us. 

We are proud to announce that we’ve planted over 11,000 trees since February of last year! 

So far, we’ve planted trees in Madagascar, Tanzania, Nepal, Nicaragua, and India. Since the world is slowly opening, we took the chance to expand our little forest and plant more trees in the Philippines. We are deeply honored to share our mission with some of the Jack & Bo team members. 

We traveled to a beautiful remote area in the Southern part of the Philippines — Brgy. Bayabas, Nabunturan, Davao de Oro, and planted a total of 315 Falcata seedlings. The province also aims to plant 1 million native trees by 2025

The kids loved that they got to bathe in the refreshing river along the area. Our team was also able to bond and connect to our environment. Despite being under a blazing sun, drenched in sweat, and having to drink every couple of minutes, we had so much fun. 

We were lucky that a natural hot spring was just nearby. We got to relax our strained muscles from the hike and labor. The experience might be tiring, but it was more fulfilling than we thought it would be. We can't wait to come back and see our little forest.

If there’s anything we learned from this activity, it's that little gestures go a long way. Just start somewhere. And start now.

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