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7 Cute Newborn Baby Outfits

7 Cute Newborn Baby Outfits

7 Cute Newborn Baby Outfits

Whether you are expecting a little bundle of joy or you’ve given birth recently, one of the most important things you have to think about is the clothes they’ll get to wear. A lot of new parents get excited when buying clothes for their newborns and end up buying too much.

Don’t fall into this trap. Newborns don’t need too many clothes. They grow up so fast that they’ll outgrow every outfit they have in no time at all. Therefore, you want to play it smart by only investing in the most essential outfits.

If you are a mom-to-be or a new mom looking for guidance on the kind of clothes to buy for your newborn, here are 7 must-have newborn baby outfits you absolutely need to buy:

1. Onesies
Onesies are great. Babies can practically live in them. For good reason: they adequately cover both the belly and the back and will always stay in place. Additionally, onesies typically feature snaps at the bottom, which means you won’t have to go through the trouble of undressing your child completely every time they need a change of diapers.

2. Wrap-style shirt or long-sleeve kimono
A wrap-style shirt or a long-sleeve kimono is a great alternative to onesies, especially during your baby’s first days. This type of outfit typically snaps across the front, which means you don’t have to pull it over your baby’s head, plus it is relatively easier on the umbilical cord stump that needs to be aired to dry properly.

3. Short-sleeve and long-sleeve bodysuits
Short-sleeved bodysuits have expandable shoulders that make it easier for you to get them over larger baby heads. If your baby has an accident, you don’t have to worry about pulling a bodysuit over their head as you can easily pull it down over their bum. During colder seasons, opt to go for long-sleeve bodysuits. Some long-sleeve options even feature add-on mittens that keep your baby from clawing their face.

4. Footie pajamas
These are pajamas that feature built-in feet, subsequently eliminating the need for socks. Footie pajamas make a great addition to your newborn’s wardrobe especially when you consider how often babies, even during the first few weeks, are adept at kicking off their socks.

5. Stretchy pants or leggings
Choose easy-to-pull-on pants to go with the onesies for your newborn baby. These stretchy pants are similar to leggings, although they are less tight and significantly softer. They typically feature an elastic waist that effortlessly fits over your baby's belly and diaper. When baby inevitably soils them, you can easily swap it out for a clean one without having to change the whole outfit.

6. Dresses for girls and little pantsuits for boys
You will want to keep a few "fancier" outfits handy for when you want to dress up your little one for special occasions or even for impromptu photoshoots when you can’t help but document their cuteness. There are a wide variety of cute little pantsuits and dresses that you can choose from to dress up your newborn.

7. Cardigans, jackets, and coats
Cardigans, jackets, and coats are great for those cold evenings or seasons when you need to add layers to your newborn's outfit to ensure that they remain warm. Consider getting a lot of them in a variety of colors to go with the different pants you have.

Final thoughts
When buying outfits for your newborn, comfort is the most important thing to consider. It comes before everything else, including style and how adorable the outfit looks.

You should also consider going for outfits that are one or two sizes larger so that your little one grows into them. As long as they fit comfortably, you’ll be able to get a lot of mileage out of the outfits this way.

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