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Tips on How To Dress Your Kids For The Outdoors

Tips on How To Dress Your Kids For The Outdoors

Tips on How To Dress Your Kids For The Outdoors

Tips on How To Dress your kids for the outdoors

Are your kids excited to get out of the house every morning? They probably can’t wait to go out on their next adventure. You can barely get them to eat right, let alone get dressed appropriately for the outdoors.

Well, one of the best ways to ensure that they enjoy themselves and have lots of fun as they play is to make sure they are comfortable in the clothes they have on. That said, determining the best way to dress your kids for the outdoors may not always be easy.

To make matters worse, it is not uncommon for the weather to change quickly without warning, from bright and sunny to wet and cold in minutes. So, what can you do as a responsible mom or dad?

Well, here’s how to dress your kids for the outdoors.

1. Go for wool fabrics or synthetics
For casual outings during the summer, dressing your child in breathable cotton clothing is the standard. However, if you're planning an active day, or if the weather is going to be cold or rainy, consider dressing your little one in synthetic or wool clothing.

These fabrics are great at resisting moisture and drying quickly. They also ensure that your kid remains comfortable, whether they’re getting wet from snow or rain or working up a sweat in the sun.

2. Add layers when it’s cold
When dressing your child for the outdoors, you will want to add layers if it is cold and shed them as the weather warms up. Here is a summary of how you can go about layering:

• Base layer
This is the layer that is in direct contact with the skin. When it's cold out, this layer can either be a synthetic or wool wicking base that keeps your child warm and ensures the skin stays dry as well.
• Middle layer
This layer helps the body to retain heat. Common middle layer articles of clothing include puffy insulated jackets and fleece jackets. How warm the middle should be will depend on the weather conditions you expect to encounter.
• Outer layer
This outermost layer offers protection against rain, wind, and snow. This layer should be waterproof to keep water from getting into the middle and base layers.

3. The importance of the right fit
To ensure your kids are jumping around, hiking, climbing, running and generally enjoying themselves outdoors, you want to go for well-fitting clothes. Clothes that don't fit properly can be very uncomfortable and even dangerous in some cases; you don't want your kids tripping the hem of pants that are too long.

4. The right footwear
If you plan on going for hikes with your kids during your outdoor excursion, ensure that they wear hiking shoes or waterproof boots. This is crucial especially if your kids will be tromping around and running on rough terrain.

A quality pair of kid hiking shoes or boots will provide them the traction and support they need. During cold snowy days, consider going for a pair of snow boots to ensure your kids’ toes remain warm and cozy.

5. Look for durable clothes
Choose kids’ clothing that is designed for outdoor use with built-in features such as reinforced knees and elbows for added durability. You want to choose quality fabrics that won’t tear easily. Quality durable clothes allow for long-term use and can even be passed down to a sibling.

6. Don’t forget to accessorize!
Remember to accessorize with essential items such as warm socks, mittens, gloves, and hats, especially during cold weather.

Final thoughts
How you dress your child is an important part of planning your day out. The outfits you pick out for them should be determined by what the weather is like and the type of activities you have in mind. At the end of the day, though, do not forget that your child’s comfort is your number one priority. Good luck!

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