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Our Guide on How To Save Money on Kids Clothes

Our Guide on How To Save Money on Kids Clothes

Our Guide on How To Save Money on Kids Clothes

Our Guide on How To Save Money on Kids Clothes

When you have kids, expenses can pile up super-fast. The good news, though, is that while you may have a hard time saving on essentials like food and healthcare, clothes are an expense that you may have a bit more control over.

With a few strategic moves, it is possible to save a pretty penny on kids’ clothes. If this is your goal, here’s our guide to help you do exactly that:


The only thing that is better than getting your kids' clothes at a cheap price is getting them for free. The easiest way to save money is by using hand-me-downs. You can get these from other older children, whether it is within your family or from neighbors and friends.

If you go for gender-neutral clothes, you will save yourself the trouble of worrying about sharing between girls and boys. Hand-me-downs are especially effective with infants and toddlers as they don’t care about what they wear, much less where it comes from.

Go thrift shopping

Check out thrift stores in your local area for great deals on kids’ clothes. You can often find secondhand garments for kids in thrift shops that are still in good condition because children generally grow very fast and tend to outgrow their clothes before wearing them out.

While clothes from the thrift store might be off-putting for some parents, as long as you wash everything before using them, you have nothing to worry about.

Repurpose or repair existing outfits

Don't hesitate to sew, patch up, and trim clothes that your kids already own when the need arises. If you notice a rip or tear that can be easily fixed, consider repairing rather than buying entirely new clothes. Other times clothes can be repurposed for other means. For example, that favorite t-shirt that was worn all summer can be turned into an at-home shirt or a gym shirt.

Garage sales

Garage sales are a great place to start when you need cheap kids' clothing. While you may have to rummage through a pile of unsorted clothes to find something of value, anything you find will likely be very cheap.

Don’t be afraid to buy a size larger

While the size of clothing is an important consideration when shopping for your kids, buying clothes that a size larger shouldn’t make a big difference. After all, your little one will be growing at a rapid rate, and will soon grow into slightly larger clothes. For the time being, pant legs and long sleeves can always be rolled up.

Arrange clothing swaps

Local swap groups can be your go-to if you want to get free kids’ clothes. Try to find clothing swap events in your area by checking local groups on Facebook, Instagram, or other similar platforms. You can even organize one of your own among friends and family.

Purchase out of season clothes

Clothes often end up the clearance rack because they’re out of season. Clothing stores typically hold end-of-season sales about a month or two before the season ends. You can take advantage of this by shopping for your kids’ clothes during such sales. While this involves buying ahead, you will score some great deals on new clothes.

Final Thoughts

When you have rapidly growing kids, saving as much money as you can on their clothing becomes a top priority. Good thing this post features some of the most effective tried and tested strategies that you can use to save a bit of money on your kiddos’ clothes.

As you implement these strategies in your life, consider mixing things up a bit and even using several different methods at once. Your main goal should be finding a system that works for you and fine tuning it over time. Good luck!

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