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Are Toddler Beds Better Than Regular Beds?

Are Toddler Beds Better Than Regular Beds?

Are Toddler Beds Better Than Regular Beds?

If you have a growing toddler, you are probably wondering what to transition them to once they outgrow their crib: would a toddler bed be a better option than a regular bed? What’s the point of even getting a toddler bed if they are only going to outgrow that too anyway? 

Well, This Guide Will Answer All Your Questions And Help You Make Up Your Mind. 

What To Consider

The process of transitioning to a new sleeping space will be different for every child. Some kids will be ready earlier than others, and that’s OK. According to the AAP, any time from 18 months to 3.5 years is considered a normal age range in which to make the transition. And if your child doesn’t want to make the change just yet, that’s OK, too. 

Consider how your child feels before making the switch. Prepare them for a few weeks first by letting them know they are ready for a big kid bed. This will allow them to be emotionally prepared for the change. 

Sometimes, the decision is out of your hands, especially if the crib has become too small for your little one. If they can easily climb out of the crib on their own, the crib becomes a potential hazard and you do not have a choice but to switch. 

Why Should You Get A Toddler Bed? 

Here Are Some Of The Main Reasons Why A Toddler Bed May Be A Good Idea: 

1. Toddler Beds Are Easier To Transition Into

Toddler beds come in cute designs that are attractive to children. They are also cozier and do not feel massive to them. This makes them easier to adjust into.

2.Toddler Beds Take Up Less Room

If you have space constraints, a toddler bed is godsent. They leave your child lots of room to play and get around in. This is great especially if you have an active child that appreciates having their own space. 

3. Toddler Beds Can Still Work With Crib Bedding

This gives you more mileage out of these sleep essentials. Plus, your child will also be in a familiar setting, making the transition process easier for them. This way, the change will not seem too drastic. 

4. Some Toddler Beds Double As Multipurpose Furniture

Because of their multi-use nature, toddler beds are great at maximizing space usage. You child can use them as their own chairs and sit up in them comfortably, making both sleeping time and waking time equally fun. 

5. They Are Safer

Because toddler beds have been designed for toddlers, you won’t have to worry about falls. They are pretty close to the ground, and a lot of them also come with in-built rails. Kids who tend to move around a lot as they sleep are likely to fall off at night, which can potentially hurt them. If you have to move your little one to a regular bed, get rail attachments to add to the bed and make it safer for them. 

Downsides Of Toddler Beds

  1. You’ll Have To Upgrade Soon

This is probably the largest downside to toddler beds. Because your child is growing rapidly, they’ll probably outgrow the toddler bed by the time they turn 6 or 7. Because of this, you won’t get as much use out of a toddler bed as you would a regular bed. 

2. Avoidable Cost

Buying a toddler bed is an extra cost that you can avoid if you switch straight to a regular bed. Is it worth it? Only you and your wallet can decide that! However, they can also be great investments if you have another child on the way or if you are planning to conceive again. 

3. They Are Single Person Beds

With a toddler bed, you can forget about cuddling with your little one every night without paying for it in the morning with aches all over. If your little one loves cuddles, they might end up having to hop to your bed every time they want to be comforted. 

Final Thoughts

So, which is better, a toddler bed or a regular bed? Well, as you can see, it depends. If you have multiple kids, if you are planning to have other kids, if the room is small, if you still want to use the crib bedding, if the extra costs are not a problem, if you simply just want the toddler bed for them, or if your child is ready for it, a toddler bed is totally worth it. However, if you did not answer yes to any of those things, then maybe it might be a better idea to jump straight to a regular bed. 

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