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How To Light Up Your Child’s Bedroom

How To Light Up Your Child’s Bedroom

How To Light Up Your Child’s Bedroom

Every modern parent understands that children’s lamps are an important decorative element in any child’s room. Kids need toys, books, and of course, the right kind of lighting for their rooms. 

The good news is that lights for kids come in all sorts of styles and designs. They are also available for kids of all ages, from toddlers to teens. But the big question remains; how do you choose the right light for your child’s room? This article will explore this and more. 

Children’s Lamps By Age

  1. Baby Nursery Lamps

This will probably be your little one’s first lamp. Lighting for babies needs to be soft and interesting to look at. It should also be just bright enough to allow you to perform tasks like feeding and diaper changes in the room at night. Consider getting a colorful baby lamp that has soft colors as your little one will spend a lot of time staring directly at the light. 

2. Toddler And Older Children’s Lamps

Between 3 to 10 years old, your little one will have developed their own unique tastes and preferences. Get them their choice of lamps that come in various designs according to their needs. The lamp should also be durable and designed to last at least a few years. 

3. Teen Bedroom Lamps

From the age of 13 and up, teenagers want to stand out and be unique. They probably know exactly what they want and you are probably better off giving them a gift card or something so they can order their own lamps within a budget you’ve set for them. This will teach them independence and responsibility, as well as the basics of making major purchases  that should last a long time. 

If your teen has a quirky sense of style, they are going to love these uniquely designed lamps that come in all sorts of intriguing shapes and sizes. 

How To Light A Child’s Bedroom

Firstly, you need a central ceiling lamp. This is essential because your child needs to be able to see things clearly in their room without relying on sunlight. 

Next, if your child is older and they have a desk space in their room, they need a desk lamp. This will help them do their homework or read as needed without relying on the ceiling light. 

Next up are nightlights. These are essential especially if your child has just transitioned to their own room or if they are still afraid of the dark. 

Finally, you can also get them a few decorative lights. These should be an extension of their character and personality, so get them lights that are designed to look like their favorite animals, favorite characters, or in their favorite colors. 

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the right light design to go for in your little one’s room is a matter of tastes and their personal preferences. With so many shapes, colors and designs to choose from, we hope that this guide will serve to make things a little easier for you as you select your child’s next bedroom light. 

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