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When Should You Start Buying Baby Stuff During Pregnancy?

When Should You Start Buying Baby Stuff During Pregnancy?

When Should You Start Buying Baby Stuff During Pregnancy?

Oh, what a roller coaster of ups and downs pregnancy is! It doesn’t matter how many pregnancies you’ve carried in your lifetime, you can never really know what to expect when expecting, can you? This is the enigma that surrounds pregnancy. Each pregnancy is new and unique and can be similar to the last one or extremely different. It is an adventure every time! 

As uncertain and unpredictable as pregnancies can be, the one thing that’s common to all of them is the excitement and anxiety that comes with them. What will your baby look like? Will they be a happy baby or not? The list goes on. 

And as you start thinking about your little one, they become real to you and you realize they’re going to need a lot of stuff! 

When Should You Start Buying Baby Stuff During Pregnancy? 

So, when should you start buying baby stuff during pregnancy? 

There are many opinions around this subject. One popular albeit old school of thought is that you should wait until the baby is born, or at least until late in the third trimester, before starting to buy anything for them. Some people believe that this way, you won’t jinx the pregnancy. Sometimes, the unthinkable happens and you can lose your baby before it is born, perhaps dues to an accident, an illness, genetics, or because your body simply couldn’t carry the pregnancy to term. These things can sometimes happen regardless of how careful you have been.  

The next proponents are the logical thinkers. No point in dwelling on the what-ifs. When you deliver your bouncing little angel, you’d want to be fully prepared to receive them, right? This school of thought recommends starting to buy stuff during your second trimester of pregnancy. 

In the second trimester, most women will experience a new burst of energy that will allow them to be up and about way more than they would have been in the last 3 months. Plus, by the second trimester, most of the nasty early pregnancy symptoms will have worn off. So you want to take advantage of the reprieve before you become too big to be mobile in the third trimester. 

Most moms prefer to wait until they know the gender of their baby to begin shopping. This allows them to narrow down their choices and buy more suitable stuff. If you can’t wait until you know the gender of your baby for sure, you can always start with gender-neutral stuff as well.

Must-Have Newborn Essentials

We highlighted all the important newborn essentials in detail in our baby essentials checklist. Here are some of the things you absolutely cannot live without: 

  • A Receiving Blanket To Keep Your Baby Warm Once Delivered
  • Baby Mittens And Socks
  • Onesies And Rompers Especially For The Cold Nights
  • Baby Cot; A Safe Place For Your Baby To Sleep
  • Cute Baby Blothes
  • Baby Milk Bottles
  • Baby Basin For Your Baby’s Bath Time
  • Baby’s Towel 

You can choose to shop for these essentials online or at physical stores depending on your preference. Shopping online is convenient as it will save you frequent trips to the store which can be hectic. However, shopping physically can also give you some much-needed exercise when you walk around the store. 

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the exact moment when you start buying stuff for your little one is entirely up to you. Do not feel pressured to meet anyone’s expectations. This is your baby and only you know what’s best for them. You can start shopping right at the start of your pregnancy or even towards the very end. As long as you are comfortable with your decision, then you’re doing great! Good luck!

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