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Benefits Of Wooden Playhouses

Benefits Of Wooden Playhouses

Benefits Of Wooden Playhouses

If you grew up without a wooden playhouse in your backyard as a child, you probably remember how much you wanted one. You probably also remember that one friend in your neighborhood who had their very own playhouse. 

Wooden playhouses are great because they open up kids to a whole world of opportunities. There are the perfect settings for so many games. Plus, with them, the list of fantasy worlds that can be created is almost endless. Therefore, if you want to offer your little one the things you missed out on growing up, a wooden playhouse is probably a great starting point. 

However, are wooden playhouses really all that great? Well, here are some of the benefits your little one stands to reap from having their very own wooden playhouse in their backyard. 

1. They Are A Healthy Way To Have Fun Outside

Kids these days don’t exercise as much as they used to. They spend too little time outside. 

Well, it is easy to be that parent that always tells their kids to go play outside. However, you need to incentivize them and give them a reason to want to go outside. A wooden playhouse will help you do exactly that. 

When kids play outside, they get a refreshing dose of fresh air, which can improve their mood and boost their immunity. Plus, they also get some much-needed vitamin D from the sun, which is essential for strong bones and for preventing chronic diseases. 

Additionally, physical activity in a wooden playhouse will help prevent obesity in your child by keeping their weight gain to normal levels. 

2. They Help Improve Cognitive And Physical Development

When your child plays outside in their wooden playhouse, they get to have a first hand experience with the environment around them. They will learn about their surroundings, which promotes their cognitive development. They will be exposed to all sorts of smells, sounds, temperatures, and changing weather and seasons, learning all these things by experiencing them for themselves. 

Additionally, as your little one plays, they’ll get to develop their curiosity about the world. They’ll make up games that will help them explore the mysteries of the world, allowing them to learn about phenomena like gravity and how light works through discovery. 

In this way, the wooden playhouse develops their creativity and critical thinking skills. It can transform into a house, a spaceship, a castle, a pirate ship, or literally anything your little one can conjure up. Plus, as they play and break a sweat, it also lends a huge boost to their overal physical development. 

3. They Improve Their Social Skills 

Having fun in a wooden playhouse is all about cooperation. Kids come up with games, incorporate various people’s ideas into one, and play it together by assigning each other roles and agreeing to a specific set of rules. In this way, the playhouse helps them develop essential social skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives. 

4. They Help Improve Your Little One’s Sleep

Playing in a wooden playhouse consumes a lot of energy. After your little one plays, they will be exhausted and need to recharge their batteries. This means after a few hours of play in the wooden playhouse, you can expect to have fewer problems getting them to go to sleep. This makes it easier to build the healthy habit of going to bed at a specific time every day. 

Adequate sleep is key in ensuring proper development in kids. Kids who get enough sleep have an easier time paying attention at school. They are also better behaved, learn faster, have better memory, and have better overall mental and physical health. 

Final Thoughts

Clearly, wooden playhouses are more than just toys. With them, you get a valuable resource for your kids that will pretty much pay for itself when it comes to offering physical, social, and cognitive developmental benefits. Want to get your little one a wooden playhouse? Check out our entire collection!

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