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What Size Bed Should You Buy For Your Child?

What Size Bed Should You Buy For Your Child?

What Size Bed Should You Buy For Your Child?

If you have kids, you probably already know that little humans grow up really fast. It’s almost like you wake up one day and their trousers no longer touch their feet, and their cuffs are moving up towards their elbows!  

According to the AAP, the most rapid growth stage for kids is between the ages of 1 to 6 years. Between these ages, they’ll grow an average of 16.5in (41cm)! So don’t be surprised if you find that your little one has suddenly outgrown his bed!

The good news is that with proper planning, bedroom furniture, and especially beds, do not have to be replaced often. So what size bed should you buy for your child? That’s exactly what this guide will cover. 

What is the best bed size for your child? 

Knowing What Size Bed Would Best Suit Your Child Will Depend On A Number Of Factors:

1.The Age Of Your Child

Younger children spend more time playing, so you probably want to maximize playing space in their room by going for a smaller bed. As they grow older though, they’ll want to spend more time relaxing and lounging or even sleeping in their bed. So you want to get a more spacious bed. 

2. Space

How big is their room? The amount of space that is available in their room may rule out certain bed designs. Your child may want a double bed, but would that be a practical choice for their room? 

3. Is The Room Shared With A Sibling? 

If your children are sharing a room, this further limits you on the types and sizes of beds that you can go for. If they are older, you may want to get a bunk bed and just get it over with. Younger children will need separate beds. Go for toddler beds that are suitable for their proportions. 

What To Do When Your Child Outgrows Their Bed

When your little one becomes too big for their cot, it is time to invest in a toddler bed. Most toddler beds are designed for kids between 2 and 7 years. They are a great way to introduce your child to the wonderful new world of independence in a size that they can relate to. 

The next step is a single bed. Once your toddler outgrows the toddler bed, invest in a single bed. These are the most popular beds for older kids and should serve them well for several years without any problems. 

However, older teens may want even more space in their beds. Or if you have a teenage daughter, she may want a bed that’s big enough to sit five of her friends comfortably when they come over. When this happens, you can buy a small double or a large double bed. 

Final Thoughts

If you have been wondering what size of bed you need to buy for your child, a simple single bed should be more than enough to serve them for many years. However, as you can see, depending on your situation, a toddler bed or a double bed may be a better choice. 

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