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Best Toy Gift Ideas For Toddlers

Best Toy Gift Ideas For Toddlers

Best Toy Gift Ideas For Toddlers

Toddlers are picky little humans. This means shopping for them can be quite a challenge. It’s not uncommon to buy your little one the latest expensive toy only to find them playing with the packaging. 

By the time they turn one or two, children start to develop a curious spirit and become eager to learn and explore the world around them. Because of this, the best toys for toddlers are ones that encourage imaginative play, improve their motor coordination, and ones that teach them about cause and effect. 

Additionally, the toy you buy for your toddler needs to be safe for them to play with. This means staying away from choking hazards. Finally, the toy also needs to be sturdy and easy to use. 

A toy that checks all these boxes will capture your toddler’s attention. As long as you can tolerate the presence of the toy in the house, you’ll be all set. 

Here Is A List Of Some Amazing Toy Gift Ideas For Toddlers That Will Inspire Hours Of Fun And Play.

Delivery Bike

The Delivery Bike is a fun toy that allows your toddler to cruise in style all day. The bike features a stable base, easy to grab handle grips, a storage container at the front of the bike, and a horn that will surely turn heads. The Storage container is customizable with chalk. The bike can support up to 60kg. Delivery Bike is made with sustainable materials in Thailand. 

Oval Wooden Track

This Oval wooden track is a Conifer track designed to fit hot wheel cars and vehicles with an inside width of 100mm or 4”. The pieces that make up the track are interchangeable. This gives your toddler the chance to create their own ultimate race track. The Oval track consists of four straight tracks and four left or right hand turns. The tracks have a unique design that allows the roads to be tilted up or down to make ramps. 


The Pinball is designed to introduce your little one to the classic game of Pinball. This is a miniature Pinball table complete with the sticks to shoot the ball up. This is a great way for your toddler to improve their fine and gross motor skills by pushing the flippers to to control the ball through obstacles. They can also create more challenges by adjusting the positions of the wooden pegs, windmills, and rubber bands.This Pinball table is made using sustainable materials in Thailand. 

PlanToys Drum Set

This PlanToys Drum Set is a toy that will help with your kids sensory development, hand-eye coordination, as well as their fine and gross motor skills. This pint-sized drum set is made entirely out of wood and can produce a variety of rhythms and sounds. This drum set features a snare and bass drum, a pair of rubber drum sticks, a cymbal, and pedal. It is also a great way of developing your toddler’s interest in music. 

Final Thoughts

We love these gift ideas for toddler because they are not only fun but also help toddlers develop different skills. Your little one is going to have a world of fun playing with them and they are guaranteed to capture your toddler’s attention for a long time. Plus, they are also made entirely of sustainable materials! 

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