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Best Toys For 2022

Best Toys For 2022

Best Toys For 2022

Finding the best toy for your child is getting harder and harder every year. Companies are constantly creating exciting new toys and new innovations are added to the toy market every year. There are also endless new trends and kid’s interests keep shifting, which makes it even harder for parents to keep up. While this is exciting for kids, it only makes the task of getting them the perfect toy even more overwhelming. 

Even if you go for the established classics like Barbie dolls, there are still so many variations of each, making it hard to know the ones they’ll actually appreciate. You could also go for an educational STEM toy, but once again, there are just so many options to choose from. 

Well, if you need a little help making the right choice, you have come to the right place. This guide will try to make the task of getting the perfect toy for your child a little easier. 

Here Are Some Of The Best Toys For 2022.  

Walking Elephant

This Walking Elephant toy is designed to give your little one a unique simulated elephant-riding experience. This is a mechanical toy whose movement mimics the walking style of elephants as your child leans left and right. This toy not only gives kids a wonderful experience but also helps to develop their coordination, fine motor skills, and balance through play. In addition, a portion of the proceeds from selling the Walking Elephant is donated to an elephant foundation in Thailand. 

Veggies Play Food Set

The Veggies Play Food Set is a fun way to get your child acquainted with vegetables. The veggies play food set features a variety of woods and 100% cotton stems and felt leaves. The veggies are a colorful addition to your child’s play food collection. Each playset includes an onion bulb, leek, organic carrot, heirloom radish, and local beet. The veggies come in a beautiful cotton drawstring bag. They feature non-toxic clear finishes, with each piece being slightly unique. 

Basketball hoop

This Basketball hoop from Conifer Sport is designed to make your little one extra active as they play. The hoop can be assembled easily and mounted in the bedroom or playroom. The hoop is durable and has a smooth finish. In addition, the hoop is made from sustainable material in Canada.

The Castor Set

This Castor Set sustainable toy is a product of Candylab Toys and is made of solid beech wood, a clear urethane coat, and water-based paint. It also features ABS plastic wheels. The toy is suitable for children aged 3 years and above.

Victorian Dollhouse Basement Floor

The Victorian Dollhouse Basement Floor is designed to extend the functionality of your little one’s Victorian Dollhouse. This will enhance the look of the dollhouse. The extension comes with stairs to connect the basement floor to the entrance of the first floor. It also provides additional space for children to add furniture and play with their dolls and stuffed animals. It is important to note that this is only an extension for a Victorian Dollhouse. The rest of the Victorian Doll house is sold separately. 

Final Thoughts

The toys in this list are amazing because they are suitable for kids of all ages. All of the entries here are completely child-safe and made using sustainable and non-toxic materials. This is why they would make awesome gifts for your child. 

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