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Celebrating your baby’s first Halloween: Tips and tricks

Celebrating Your Baby’s First Halloween: Tips And Tricks

Celebrating Your Baby’s First Halloween: Tips And Tricks

Celebrating your baby’s first Halloween: Tips and tricks

With Halloween being just a few days away now, you are probably actively looking for ways to make your baby’s first experience a memorable one for them - although if we’re being honest, the memories are more for you than them! That’s OK, though.  

Since your baby’s first Halloween is coming up, it is an exciting period for everyone. Because they are still so young, though, you are going to have to be there every step of the way with them. That’s why you also want to make it as stress-free as possible for yourself. 

Here are a few great tips that will help you have a great time celebrating your baby’s first Halloween:

1. Go for a simple costume

For baby’s first Halloween, you want to go low-key with the costume. You’ve been through a lot of stress this past year, and the day is already going to be super stressful all by itself. No need to add to this by getting a bulky, uncomfortable, costume that, heaven forbid, you hand-made from scratch!

A one-year-old’s costume should be easy to put on and take off. At this age, there are still quite a lot of diaper changes to think about, so you need to be able to change them at a moment’s notice. 

To make things easy for yourself, get a pair of Halloween-themed pajamas that’ll also double as costumes. Halloween onesies will also get the job done. Just be sure that the outfit you go for is warm enough. If you need to, layer it with a sweatshirt or a jacket

2. Don’t focus on having the perfect Halloween

Things probably won’t go exactly as you’ve always visualized it in your head. Your baby might be fussy and uncooperative, or asleep when you need them to be bubbly and present. (Yes, every mom would take that second option any day). 

The point is, you need to manage your expectations. When your little one isn’t interested in their costume, or they are not in the mood for pictures, just go with the flow. Focus instead on them and try to have as much fun as you can together. 

If pictures are so important to you, get them in costume at home and take as many pictures as you like. This way, you’ll always have a season-themed picture to share. Then just let go of your perfection and have fun! 

3. Host a Halloween party at your house

It doesn’t have to be anything too extreme. All you have to do is invite a few friends over. If they can come with their little ones in costume, even better. 

A small informal gathering with snacks, a little music, some decorations, and the adults interacting while the kiddos play is a great way to do Halloween right without stressing yourself too much. Do it early in the day so everyone can get home by bedtime. It’ll go a long way in guaranteeing uninterrupted routines for the kids. 

4. Take lots of pictures

If you are going trick or treating or to visit friends and family, you need to start taking your little one’s Halloween pictures before you leave the house. If they are in a good mood at home, you cannot miss the opportunity to capture their smiling faces in their cute outfits. You never know what their mood will be like once you leave the house!

5. Instead of trick or treating, visit friends and family

You probably want to avoid the mobs of kids in the neighborhood this year. Why not head on over to the grandparents’ instead? It’s a great alternative because you know they’ll be just as excited as you are for your little one’s first Halloween. Plus, since they are familiar faces, your little one won’t get overwhelmed by their presence. 

6. Going trick or treating? Get a stroller

You’ve probably seen all those exhausted parents carrying struggling, fussy, babies down the street on Halloween night. Do you want to be one of these parents? No? Then bring a stroller with you when you take your baby trick or treating. 

Remember, your baby’s first Halloween is all about letting them have fun while also making things as stress-free as possible for you. A simple stroller can make all the difference. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, a successful Halloween experience is all about being prepared. On the big day, just go with the flow and have fun with your little one. In a few years, you’ll treasure the little moments you shared with them more than the costumes and decorations. Happy Halloween! 

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