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Christmas Craft Ideas for Toddlers

Christmas Craft Ideas for Toddlers

Christmas Craft Ideas for Toddlers

Who says toddlers are too young to try their tiny hands at crafting? With the right guidance, toddlers can make interesting craft projects. Plus, they are always willing to help! 

Here is a Collection of Some of the Most Fun Toddler-Friendly Christmas Craft Projects

1. Santa’s Cookie Plate

This is a super simple idea that will always get a smile from anyone who looks at it! To make one, all you need is a dollar-store ceramic plate. Using a sharpie, trace out your toddler’s hand to create Santa’s face. The thumb is his hat, the palm is his face, and the fingers are his beard. You can also use paint to make handprints on the plate and then paint in designs or facial features as you please! 

2. Handpainted Christmas Tree

On a piece of paper, help your toddler make handprints using bright green paint to make the body of the tree. Once that’s done, let her use her finger dipped in various colors to paint in the decorations. The final piece of art will be truly one of a kind masterpiece! 

3. Fingerprint Christmas Tree

This is a super simple art craft that toddlers will love. To do it, all you need are two pieces of colored paper, one white and one black. Draw a tree design on the black paper and cut it out, then stick this design onto the white paper with a piece of tape. With the black paper blocking out a tree shape on the white paper, have your little one do some thumbprint art all around it in various colors to create a festive Christmas tree work of art! 

4. Scrunched-up Paper Christmas tree

This is yet another simple idea for a toddler-friendly Christmas craft. All you have to do is have your toddler scrunch up different colored pieces of tissue paper. Then help them glue these pieces on a simple tree design cut out of a cardboard box and painted green. Once everything is done, you can poke a hole at the top of the tree and hang it up on your actual Christmas tree as an ornament!

5. Paper Plate Christmas Wreath

This is exactly as it sounds: you’ll be making a wreath out of a paper plate! To do it, grab a paper plate and cut out the center into a wreath shape. Paint it green then let your toddler decorate it however she likes! It is a great way to let her imagination run wild while flexing those growing creative muscles! 

6. Popsicle Stick Christmas tree

Simple and cute, this project needs three popsicle sticks per tree. Glue them together to form a triangle, then add a cardboard star at the top and a cardboard base at the bottom. Decorate it however you like then hang the finished piece up on the tree as an ornament! 

7. Thumbprint Reindeer Ornaments

For this one, all you’ll need are Christmas ornaments and some paint. Have your toddler paint her thumb and press onto the ornament. Once dry, add eyes and antlers with a sharpie. Give all the reindeer little black noses as well, but for Rudolph, you can give him a red nose by adding a bit of red paint at the end of a paintbrush and touching the ornament lightly with it. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have it; a few great ideas of super fun Christmas craft ideas that you can do with your toddler. Which one is your favorite? 

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