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Holiday Tradition Ideas for Kids

Holiday Tradition Ideas for Kids

Holiday Tradition Ideas for Kids

As it gets closer and closer to Christmas, you’ve probably found yourself thinking how nice it would be to start a new tradition for your little ones. Family traditions are a great way to give kids fond memories of the holidays and to make them look forward to Christmas every year.

It’s best to come up with new holiday traditions when your kids are young. This gives you time to come up with unique ideas and fine-tune them over a couple of holidays to make them truly yours. Need some inspiration? Here are a few great holiday tradition ideas that you can start with your kids this year. 

1. Christmas Baking

If you love being in the kitchen, this would be the perfect fit for you! Baking is fun. It is also very inclusive, which means you can easily do it with your kids. Because you’ll have more hands to help you, why not start a bigger project and bake Christmas cookies for your friends, family, and neighbors? You can also opt to make bread or other goodies if you want something more than just cookies! 

2. Kindness to Strangers

Christmas is all about giving, caring, and being kind to others. Teach your children these powerful traits by encouraging them to do random acts of kindness for others. You can make it fun by having them do one random act of kindness for a stranger every day up to Christmas day. This is a great idea because it allows you to get creative and come up with a list of simple ways you can touch the lives of others every day as a family!

3. Make Christmas Ornaments

One of the earliest memories you have of Christmas probably involves one or two special Christmas ornaments. It feels great to decorate a tree with all those memories. This year, you can start a new yearly tradition with your kiddos where you get to make one new ornament for the tree every year! 

4. Look at Holiday Lights Together

Nothing beats getting into the car with a hot cup of cocoa and driving around town looking at holiday lights as you blast Christmas music. It is a simple tradition that your kids will treasure for the rest of their lives! 

5. Reading Christmas Books on Christmas Eve

If you loved “The Night Before Christmas” or any other Christmas story when you were younger, you probably understand why this is such a special activity to do with your kiddos. The perfect way to settle down on Christmas Eve, it will put your kids in a Christmas mindset (as if they weren’t already in one!) while also allowing you to make some beautiful memories together! 

Final Thoughts

Making new holiday traditions with your kids does not have to be difficult. In fact, the simpler the idea, the easier it will be to follow through every year. And that’s what makes it a family tradition! So get creative and try to think outside the box. Hopefully, the few ideas outlined in this post have given you a great starting point. Merry Christmas! 

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