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Complete List Of Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Complete List Of Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Complete List Of Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Your pregnancy is one of those periods in your life that you’ll always remember. It is a magical moment where you get to fall in love every day with the tiny human growing inside you. One of the best ways to remember this time of your life is through a maternity photoshoot. 

Plan to have your maternity photoshoot done between weeks 28 and 32 of your pregnancy. This way, your tummy will be just big enough to show off and you won’t be too tired to do much. 

You also have to think about what overall idea to use for your maternity photoshoot. What theme should you go for? Where should the pictures be taken? What should you be doing in the pictures? Should you wear something fancy or go nude? 

There are so many ideas to choose from when it comes to a maternity photo shoot. That’s why we have compiled this list of all our favorite ones. Here is our complete list of maternity photoshoot ideas. 

1. Big brother

If you have an older son, why not get him involved in your maternity shoot as well? Go out with your hubby and son and make the big brother the center of attention. All you need for this is a nice setting and a smiling big-brother-to-be! 

2. Big Sister

If you have an older daughter, get her involved in your maternity photoshoot! Head to the park and strike a pose among the flowers for a brilliant mommy-daughter photoshoot. You can show off your belly and have her gently touch it for a stunning final result! 

3. Gender Reveal

You can also opt to do a maternity photoshoot and gender reveal combo. Get your family together and set up blue or pink smoke in the background representing the gender of the baby. The smoke will make for a stunning background, and anyone who looks at the photos will be able to instantly tell the gender of your baby. 

4. Blow A Kiss

For this idea, all you have to do is look pretty and blow a kiss to the camera as you flaunt your growing belly. The best part about it is that other members of your family can also join in if that’s what you want! 

5. Look Deep Into My Eyes

For this maternity photoshoot idea, all you have to do is grab your partner, then lie down on a comfortable surface and look deep into each other’s eyes. It is a beautiful moment that will make an amazing maternity photo! 

6. Involve Your Older Kids

A great way to get your older kids to look forward to meeting their new sibling is to get them involved in the photos. You can have them hug your tummy and smile at the camera, then take the photo in black and white for a truly timeless feel. 

7. Lie Down With Me

For this maternity photoshoot idea, all you have to do is lie down with your partner and have him cradle your tummy lovingly. Simple and straight to the point, it will instantly become one of your most treasured family photos. 

8. Include The Pets

Got pets? There are a lot of maternity photoshoot ideas involving pets that you can try out. One of the best ones is simply standing in front of an open door, then having your pets and kids (if you have older ones) walk towards you. It will look even more impressive in black and white! 

9. Spell Baby

You can also keep it simple by simply spelling the word “Baby” or your baby’s name using balloons. You can also include other members of your family in the picture and have everyone smiling. The best part is that you can have these pictures taken at almost any location you want!

10. The Belly Hug

The belly hug is a classic maternity photoshoot pose that almost everyone uses. It is popular because it is simple and it works. To do it, all you have to do is get your partner to gently cuddle your belly while standing behind you. The resulting photos will take your breath away!

Final Thoughts

A maternity photoshoot is a great way to document your pregnancy memories. While pregnancy does have its ups and downs, it is a period of your life that you’ll want to remember forever. 

The good news is that with so many maternity photoshoot ideas to choose from, finding the perfect one for you should not be difficult. Simply go for one that resonates with who you are, your personality, and your personal preferences. The photos you get out of it will be stunning!

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