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Pregnancy Announcement Photoshoot Ideas For Boys

Pregnancy Announcement Photoshoot Ideas For Boys

Pregnancy Announcement Photoshoot Ideas For Boys

So you are expecting a handsome little boy? And you want to let the whole world know the good news? Well, what’s the best way to share the news? We have a few ideas!

Here is our compilation of some of the best pregnancy announcement photoshoot ideas for boys. If you want your pregnancy announcement to be memorable and stand out, this is exactly where to start! 

1. Baby Onesie

Select one of your baby boy’s onesies and hold it up in front of your belly. Then smile and make memories! 

2. Colored Smoke

Use some blue smoke to create stunning effects in your pregnancy announcement photo shoot. Combine this with a great location and a beautiful gown for absolutely memorable photos!

3. Your Baby Boy’s Name In The Snow

If it’s snowing, you can still take advantage of the weather to make a stunning pregnancy announcement photoshoot idea. All you have to do is stand with your partner in the snow and spell out your little one’s name in the snow in front of you. You can also hold up a  sign with your little one’s name on it! 

4. Spell It Out

This is an adorable pregnancy announcement photoshoot idea that works great for boys. All you have to do is have your partner stand behind you holding the letters “B” and “Y” on either side of your belly so that it spells “BOY” with your belly as the “O”. Then look at the camera and flash your best smile! 

5. Scrabble Letters

Have you already picked out a name for your little prince? Spell it out with a few Scrabble letters, then stand in the background with your partner with your belly front and center. This will make for an adorable pregnancy announcement photoshoot idea! 

6. Signs And Ultrasound Photos

You can also take a close-up photo of your belly while holding your ultrasound photos. Wear a t-shirt that says something cute like “Mama’s Boy” and you have a winner! 

7. Baby Boy Props

For this pregnancy announcement photoshoot idea, you’ll need to get a bit creative. Get a few props that make you think about your baby boy, such as baby blue chairs  and curtains or some of your little one’s toys. You can then set them up in a creative way and pose with them while holding your belly! 

8. Tiny Shoes

If you have already bought a pair or two of cute little shoes for your little prince, why not use them as adorable little props in your pregnancy announcement photo shoot? Head to a nice location and place the shoes in the foreground, leaving you and your partner standing proud in the background. A simple shot that speaks volumes!

9. Baby Socks

Is there any baby outfit more adorable than baby socks? Get a pair or two, preferably in blue, and hold them up in front of your belly. Then put on your brightest smile! 

10. Matching Family T-Shirts

If you have other children, you can also get them involved in your pregnancy announcement photo shoot. Get everyone matching t-shirts with your baby’s name, then hold up a sign that says “Welcome home baby” or something along those lines. Just personalize it and make it your own and you’ll love the final result! 

Final Thoughts

That concludes our list of pregnancy announcement ideas for boys. Hopefully, this has given you some inspiration that you can use for your announcement. Good luck! 

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