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Do Babies Need To Wear Pajamas?

Do Babies Need To Wear Pajamas?

Do Babies Need To Wear Pajamas?

When you first bring your little one home, you will quickly realize that they will sleep most of the time. As an exhausted parent, you may not particularly look forward to having to change your little one (yet again) from their day clothes into a set of pajamas. You might firmly believe in pajamas, but if you've ever wondered if they're necessary, you're not alone. So, do babies need to wear pajamas? 

Babies don’t necessarily need to wear pajamas to bed. As long as you dress them in clean clothing that is comfortable, soft, snug, and fire-resistant, they should be fine. Your main concern should be the temperature – you don’t want your little to be too warm or too cold.

Dressing Your Child For Bed In Warm Weather

If you live in an area where the climate is warm or welcome your little one in the summer or spring  consider going for clothes that are lightweight to ensure that they are comfortable throughout the night. Try dressing your child in a short-sleeved cotton bodysuit and layer with a muslin or cotton blanket.

Bedtime Clothing For Cold Weather

To keep your baby from feeling cold, ensure that their feet, arms, and legs are covered. Footed pajamas are a great choice for cold weather, plus you don’t have to worry about them inconveniencing you when you need to change diapers as they feature easily accessible snaps or zippers.

Ideal Sleepwear Based On Age

One-piece clothes that feature built-in feet are the ideal go-to choice. You want to avoid clothes that tend to ride up the baby’s face, such as tops that have wide necks. If the baby’s sleeping space is cold, you will need to add layers such as wearable sleep blankets and sleep sacks (with no hoods). To reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), peel off outer layers if your baby exhibits any signs of overheating.

When a baby hits the one year mark, the risk of SIDS significantly reduces. At this age, any clothing that the infant is comfortable in can become pajamas. Cotton clothing is ideal as it is soft and breathable, subsequently helping in the regulation of the baby’s body temperature. 

It is worth noting that any pajamas that fall between size 9 months to size 14 are legally required to be either tight-fitting or flame resistant. This is because loose clothing is more likely to catch on fire. Pajamas In this age range should come with tags that say whether they comply with the flammability standards and snug-fitting.

By this stage, your little will probably transition to a big-kid bed. At this point, pajamas can be almost anything that your little one prefers. As for how warm their pajamas should be, the general rule of thumb is that you should dress them in one extra layer than you need to feel cozy and comfortable.

Final Thoughts

Whether or not your little one wears pajamas to bed is entirely up to you. As long as your baby is in comfortable, clean clothing, they should drift off to sleep peacefully. To create a good sleep experience, ensure that your child is dressed for the temperatures in your home, and also choose comfortable and high-quality bedding.

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