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How To Dress Your Kids For Holiday Photos

How To Dress Your Kids For Holiday Photos

How To Dress Your Kids For Holiday Photos

Whether you plan to take holiday pictures in a studio or at home, it can be quite stressful to get everything right. There's probably a lot riding on your photoshoot  - it's the perfect opportunity to get a great shot that you can include on your holiday card, which will likely grace your family's and friends' refrigerators for months to come. That, among other reasons, is why you want your family to look their best. 

Read on to find out how to dress your kids for holiday photos.

As you might have come to realize as a new parent, outfits don’t stay clean for long, with frequent changes necessary due to spit-up stains. For your holiday photo, consider adding a clean bib to your baby’s ensemble. 

Save the lace gown for portraits. For a laid-back holiday family photo, consider keeping your infant’s outfit simple – onesies that are in theme with the holiday, for example. To make the outfit stand out, add a festive-colored accessory such as a glittery red headband hat

  • Crawlers

For girls in this stage, you want to avoid big, frilly skirts as they tend to get caught under knees and hands. You might want to try a skirt paired with leggings or a pants outfit instead. For boys, keep it simple with holiday-themed shirts and shorts or pants. Choose to go with bright, clean socks instead of shoes, which are unlikely to stay on.

Toddlers are very active, and any outfit you put them in is unlikely to stay clean for long. Avoid clothes that feature collars or long sleeves as they can be easily stained with food and dirt. Put toddlers in their favorite fancy shoes, but keep comfortable sneakers handy for breaks in between posing for photos.

Consider dressing your little man in a cotton button-down shirt paired with pants with an elastic waist that allows for quick diaper changes. Bow ties are a cute accessory, but be sure that your boy will tug at his, and it probably won't last.

If you intend to put your little girl in a skirt, keep in mind that it won't stay down long, so use cute tights or at least a diaper cover to keep diapers from being seen. Tights can start to become uncomfortable after a while, so consider buying a size up.

Additional Tips

  • Look for onesies or shirts that have stretchy neck openings for quick and easy dressing.
  • Stains on clothes are inevitable when you have little kids. Stains are least likely to show on denim, so consider an outfit in this material for your holiday photo.
  • Always have a backup outfit for each child in case you need to make a quick change.
  • Stock up on stain wipes that you can use to treat clothes quickly.

Final Thoughts

The best way to help your family photographer capture your kids at their best for holiday photos is to have your little ones dressed in the clothes that they feel most comfortable in. Before picking out clothes, consider your child's personality and preferences – would they want to be in that tuxedo or crinoline you chose?

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