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Fun Father’s Day Activity Ideas For The Whole Family

Fun Father’s Day Activity Ideas For The Whole Family

Fun Father’s Day Activity Ideas For The Whole Family

Wondering what to do for Father’s Day this year? Well, there are lots of creative and fun things you can do to make the dad in your life feel extra special. Here are a few ideas:

1. Breakfast In Bed

Father’s day is all about dad. So pamper him with some delicious breakfast in bed. Whip up all his favorite treats and let him wake up to all the delicious aromas. It will set the tone for the entire day. 

2. Barbeque

Fire up the grill and hold a barbeque in the backyard. Let dad go to town on all his favorite meats. If you are feeling up to it, you can even invite a few other dads to join in the fun!

3. Dress The Kids In Cute Outfits

Pull all the stops and dress the kids up in cute, trendy outfits for the special day. Need inspiration? Check out our adorable dresses, bottoms, and shoes!

4. Do Puzzles Together

Puzzles are a great way to spend some time with dad. You can tackle a difficult puzzle together as a family, or create a fun custom one with a cute message that reminds him how much he is loved!

5.Have A Family Scavenger Hunt

Work with the kids to come up with riddles and clues then leave them all around the house. Watch dad try to figure them out as he moves from room to room around the house. In the end, let him find the present and have a little victory celebration together. 

6. Plant A Family Garden

If he has a green thumb, why not start growing your food? Look into what it takes to grow various fruits and veggies and which ones will do well in your area and your backyard. Then spend the day setting up a nice family garden in the backyard. 

7. Go Bird Watching

Spread a blanket in your backyard and get a pair of binoculars. That’s all you need for a fun, peaceful day in nature. Try to make a game out of how many different types of birds you can see. Can you identify them all? 

8. Go On A Bike Ride

Ride around the neighborhood or the park as a family. It might be a simple thing, but it’s the perfect way to create a lasting memory, especially for dad. 

9. Hold An In-house Spa Day

Pamper dad with a spa day just for him. Dads also enjoy the relaxing benefits of spas. So pamper him with an in-home massage and let him drift off to sleep with his entire body feeling better than it has in ages. 

9. Have An Indoor Picnic

Take the time to rearrange all the living room furniture to create a nice, open space in the middle of the room. Then have a picnic indoors! Load it with all of dad’s favorite snacks and goodies!

10. Fly Kites Together

Head to the backyard with your homemade or store-bought kites. When the wind is high enough, let the kites loose and create fun memories for the entire family!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, coming up with fun, unique activities for fathers day isn’t hard. Try out one or two ideas from this list and we promise, it’s going to be a blast for the whole family. And while at it, why not surprise the kids with some adorable new outfits? Check out our collection! Happy fathers day! 

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